BLIZZARD has finally announced a release date for World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic Release Date CONFIRMED: WoW Vanilla Blizzcon 2018 news revealed (Pic: BLIZZARD)

WOW Classic Release Date Announced

It's the news all World of Warcraft fans have been waiting for.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that World of Warcraft Classic will launch during summer 2019.

The announcement was made during BlizzCons opening ceremony in Anaheim, California.

Blizzard has also revealed that anyone who has a regular World of Warcraft subscription can also access the classic version of the game.

This is a breaking story, more info to follow.


World of Warcraft Classic – Overview

Publisher: Activision Blizzard
Developer: Blizzard
Release Date: TBC
Platform: PC
Genre: MMO

World of Warcraft Classic – What is it?

World of Warcraft Classic is retro take on the massively popular MMORPG that plans to give players a nostalgia fix from the period the game was the most successful.

Blizzard announced its vanilla server option for World of Warcraft at BlizzCon 2017, though we've not heard much about the project since then.

The goal of Classic is to let players experience World of Warcraft as close as possible to as when it was released. Before work began on World of Warcraft: Classic, it was only possible for players to experience the original World of Warcraft by using private servers, which are illegal and which often have stability or corruption problems. (Source)

So far, we know that the project heavily relies on community feedback and will be based on patch 1.12 of the original game.


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