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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (Switch) - a world of adventure

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – the best world?

The evening Inbox finds Dead Space has been ruined by Ridley Scott, as one reader defends the original MediEvil.

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Best world

So, I too am coming to the end of Red Dead Redemption II (I assume, judging by the progress percentage) and Ive enjoyed almost every minute of it. Its true theres not much to the combat, and it can be a bit anticlimactic when you realise a mission is just going to end in another super easy shootout, but its always fun and the effort put into the story, characters, and world is amazing.

Which got me thinking: is it the best open world ever? In terms of looks Id say it was no question it is, easily beating Assassins Creed and The Witcher 3 (people always seem to forget The Witcher wasnt even one continuous map). But I still think the best one is Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

It may not look the best (although its hardly ugly) but its by far the most interactive and surprising. You never know whats going to happen next and are always rewarded for any little effort. Red Dead Redemption II, which I think is the second best, cant really do this because its trying to be realistic and so all you ever really run into is people on the side of the road.

It makes me wish Rockstar would do a fantasy game of some kind because then they really could let loose and make the gameplay to the same standard as the graphics. Maybe this general subject could be a Hot Topic though?

Wrong way round

Well, that Nintendo Direct was not what I expected. It all looked good, but why end everything on two such unremarkable characters? I know this is Nintendo and things rarely make sense but if I were them I wouldve switched the Directs and had the previous one as the last one, that one was epic.

Overall though Im still definitely interested in the game and the new approach to single-player sounds much more sensible than the weird platformer thing they did before. Not sure about spirits though, sounds like a lot of faffing around for minimal reward and I really liked collecting the trophies.

Thats my only complaint though and Im already looking forward to seeing what the DLC characters. Id say Rex and Ribbon Girl are shoe-ins, he basically confirmed Rex and Ribbon Girl is also a Mii Fighter set like him. Dont know what other new franchises would qualify though. I just hope its not another Fire Emblem character from next years new one.

Family unfriendly

I know Black Ops 4 has had a pretty good reception from most people but all that microtransaction junk sounds pretty disgusting to me. And all for nothing as well! Its pretty obvious that they are copying Fortnite, even though Black Ops 4 is supposed to be 18-rated and all these pointless cosmetic extras are just aimed at kids.

Kids who are either wasting all their pocket money on meaningless virtual items or, more likely, conning their parents into buy it for them so that they can still be the cool kids at school. I think its sometimes not appreciated that as bad as microtransactions are theyre actually worse than you think because a lot of them, especially for online shooters, are primarily aimed at children.

I really do hope that there is some government action on this, although I suspect there wont be. Its not the violence thats damaging with these video games its turning little kids into gamblers.



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Blame Ridley

I decided to play a horror game on Halloween (keeping things festive and all) and went for Dead Space, which has been on my to play list for a while. Got through the first few chapters, liked the Resident Evil 4 style controls, but wasnt getting affected by the tension/horror vibe I was expecting from something inspired by Alien/Aliens.

The unfortunate reason is that instead of being reminded of those two classics, I kept thinking about the more recent instalments, Prometheus and Covenant, and how let down I felt by them. Thanks a lot, Ridley Scott.
The Light Knight

Turn a frown upside down

Im not sure if this helps anyone out there at all but, seeing as I am working the last day of my notice at work, I thought I would share a little nugget on reading these pages… whilst you maybe should be working. You used to be able to copy and paste the text but this hasnt worked for a year, maybe longer.

I often like to copy and paste the Inbox letters onto a Notepad file so that I can read the letters whilst I probably should be working. As long as you frown when reading Notepad, it will look like you are in deep concentration.

There may well be simpler methods out there, but here is how it works on Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level for the Security Zone > about 90% down on this tab is Scripting. Go to Active Scripting > Change this from Enable to Disable, then click OK and refresh the page. You are then free to copy and paste the text from the website onto Notepad/Word/etc. (make sure Word Wrap under Format is ticked when using Notepad).

To change it back, just change Active Scripting back to Enable under the same section.

I hope this helps anyone experiencing the same first world issues as I do – enjoy!

GC: We didnt know this was an issue, it works for us in Chrome.

Marketing beats resolution

It is widely reported the Xbox One X version of Red Dead Redemption II runs at a higher resolution than PlayStation 4 Pro. I didnt appreciate the difference until I borrowed a friends copy to put on my Pro for comparison. I was surprised at the difference in clarity which, to put it bluntly, is significant. Once you see it running on Xbox One X the Pro version looks positively blurry by comparison. Make no mistake, this is no 900p vs. 1080p negligible difference.

I find the gulf in clarity slightly surprising when games such as God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn use fake 4K techniques quite effectively. I think Xbox One X may have finally discovered a console seller. Microsoft really dropped the ball not acquiring the marketing rights because Sonys claims of 4K for this title are highly dubious to put it mildly.

GC: The PlayStation 4 accounted for 68% of sales of Red Dead Redemption II, a larger percentage than usual for a multiformat release – no doubt because of the marketing deal.

Call of Discount

Ive just received a promo code for £5 off Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 from Amazon. Im not sure if the code is valid for other peoples Amazon accounts, but Im never going to use it so its worth a shot (no pun intended).

Feel free to give away as you see fit to somebody in the great GC community, and Ill keep my fingers crossed they can use it.
Mr Brutus
Currently playing: Forza Horizon 4 and Red Dead Redemption II

GC: Thats very good of you. As usual well pass it out in exchange for a useable Inbox letter.



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Resurrection worthy

Bokon in yesterdays Inbox has a valid point about if anything on the PlayStation would benefit from a modern makeover then the three Syphon Filter games are prime candidates. They were not cutting edge graphically even back then.

However, I cant agree with him about MediEvil or, I found, the charmless Ape Escape being a more worthy game to update. SCEE Cambridges MediEvil, their best work, oozes gentle humour and atmosphere with the art design, animation and music all working in harmony to do that. It features a very British character concept: an almost complete failure given a second chance to become the hero he imagined himself to be.

The game is very simple to play, essentially an entry level hack and slash but still a decent challenge for all players. Although the platforming always left something to be desired otherwise it was and still is the epitome of a good little family video game. As such I can quite understand why Sony wanted to resurrect MediEvil in particular for a new generation of gamers and tap the nostalgia market too.
Malcolm Lawn

Inbox also-rans

8K gaming, bah. Can we move on to 16K and whilst Im at it I want petaflops. The more flops the better. Can this be used to run Solitaire?
Alek Kazam

Sturdy stuff.

This weeks Hot Topic

Its Halloween this week, so the subject for this weekends Inbox is whats the scariest enemy youve ever had to deal with in a video game?

The enemies dont necessarily have to be from a horror game, just as long as theyve scared you – either now or when you were younger. What was it about them that made them so frightening and do you think they worked as the developer intended or was it a happy (or unhappy) accident?

What makes for truly scary enemies and whats the most important part of their design? Is it their visuals, sound, abilities, back story, or something else? Do you like playing scary games and will you be playing any this week?

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