Fortnite Down Server Status: How long will servers be offline Today? Patch Notes Update (Pic: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite servers will be switched off this morning by Epic Games. That means matchmaking will be temporarily disabled for Battle Royale and Save the World with waiting in queue errors highly likely for anyone attempting to log in.

Epic Games have taken Fortnite offline this morning so the team can release the new v6.21 update.

Fortnite's next big update is scheduled to arrive this morning, the third proper update to the game since the launch of Season 6 in September.

Epic Games is rolling out the new patch, but it's still unclear exactly what changes will be made to the game.

Although, we do have plenty of ideas, related to new skins, new vehicles and also a variety of bug fixes.

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Epic Games announced the downtime last night on Twitter, telling fans: “Float into the v6.21 update, available tomorrow!"

"Downtime begins Thursday, November 1 at 4 AM ET."

For anyone wondering, this will be at 8am GMT for everyone living in the UK.

If you're wondering why the games weekly update is a little earlier this week, it's all to do with the clocks going back last weekend.

Previously the game would go offline at 9am BST and release patch notes around about the same time. But it's looking likely that moving forward these updates will be released at the new time of 8am GMT.


How long will Fortnite be down for?

Epic Games has not given any details about how long the downtime will last today.

Players are normally booted off the game 20 minutes before downtime begins and it peculiar lasts for a couple of hours at least.

It's also worth noting that Fortnite downtime will affect players across all platforms.

This includes PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Mobile (both iOS and Android).

Based on past downtime and updates, we could estimate the game will be back online by roughly 10am GMT.

Why is Fortnite down today?

As mentioned, Epic is preparing to release a brand new update to the game in the form of the 6.21 update.

Normally Epic would be quite secretive as to what changes they'll be making, but already we know that there's a new Balloon item coming to the game (also hinted by the games downtime tweet) as well as some tweaks to the games glider functions.

Last night Epic confirmed they'll be keeping the Redeploy Glider functions, albeit with a few small tweaks.

You can read about all the changes and rumoured changes coming to the game today, in our Fortnite Update 6.21 Patch Notes page.

Stay tuned for more details…

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