Cyberpunk 2077: BIG NEWS for CD Projekt Red fans ahead of game's release date reveal (Pic: CD PROJEKT RED )

CD Projekt RED just seems to keep getting better and better – and it's not even in our hands yet. Every time we see something else, or hear more about the game, it just seems to get more interesting.

The most recent update we've heard is from level designer Miles Tost, who talks about the idea of a destructible environment in the RPG.

Considering the game is going for a deep level of immersion, this sort of realistic response to your actions sounds too good to be true? Can it really be achieved

Here's what Tost has to say – via an interview with GamingBolt.

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“We believe that having a world you can interact with and which reacts to your presence is a key part of a good open-world experience,” Tost told the site.

“Dynamic environments ultimately serve to fulfill that promise exactly: they help to enhance your immersion, the game world to become more alive and believable, and — whats especially important when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 — add a whole different level of weight and grit.

"Combat becomes that much more vicious too, enhancing the feeling of a world shrouded in violence and danger. Given all that, let me just say that were working hard on making sure that our environments look just as good when theyre untouched as when theyre getting blown up, without sacrificing the performance.”

So it's clear that the developer wants to deliver on the player's own fantasy: whether they're stealthy or destructive, the world will react realistically.

This comes after concerns fans of the title were worried that they may have had to invest in new hardware – whether it's a PS5 or the Xbox Scarlett – if they wanted to experience the game in all its glory.

We're seeing more and more developers and publishers talk about the next-gen, and there's been talk that Cyberpunk 2077 has been targeting a next-gen launch.

New comments from the development team would suggest this isn't the case, however. In a previous interview with Tost, GamingBolt asked about the power the current generation has left in it – and what that means for the launch of the upcoming futuristic RPG.

“Recently released titles have shown us that theres still a lot of juice left in the current generation and I continue to be amazed by whats being done," notes Tost.

“Looking at the games released at the beginning of this generation and comparing them to some of the absolutely amazing looking recent titles, we can see quite an astonishing difference.

"Devs are a resourceful bunch — we figure out new and better ways of using and optimizing tools we work with all the time."

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