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Money is hard to get your hands on in Red Dead Redemption II but there are still plenty of ways that you can fill your pockets.

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Having some cash available means you can buy more ammo and medicine as well as upgrade your horse.

Some of the best horses are among the most expensive purchases in the game so you might need to save up for a while to get your hands on your perfect steed.

Here are some tips on how to make money and in the game and how to be efficient with your spending.

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How to make and save money

One of the most obvious a ways to make money in the game is to progress through the story missions as some of them can provide you with a good source of income.

Heists in particular have the potential to give you large cash injection.



Other ways to quickly gain money includes looting bodies, hunting animals and going fishing.

Each of these will give you items that you can sell for money.

There is also the option to do robberies and bounty hunting as well as gambling your money in poker games.

One of the key aspects of ensuring you have enough money is making sure you manage it correctly, as it can be quite hard to come across good amounts of cash.

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The main thing youll be spending your money on is ammo, medicine, and tonics so make sure that whenever you kill someone you remember to loot them.

This will almost always turn up some ammo and cash, but often useful items or valuable objects that can be sold or donated to the camp.

Just be careful to wear your mask while you do it, because if anyone spots you theyll tell the sheriff – even if you originally killed your victim in self-defence. (You can catch witnesses before they squeal though and either threaten them or kill them.)

Also, be careful to read an objects description if you havent seen it before, as some end up being requested by people in the camp as special favours.

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You get a pen off one witness in a story moment early on, but we didnt realise it was rare and just sold it – which was annoying because later on someone back at camp asked us to get them a pen and we never found another one.



Even if an item isnt special be aware that stolen jewellery is used by fences to create special talismans that offer up powerful buffs.

Most of these require jewellery and while the first fence doesnt unlock until a dozen or so hours into the game dont get into the habit of just selling jewellery straight away, or donating it to the camp, as it does have a specific use.

Speaking of the camp, whats also worth pumping money into is upgrades that open up supplies for medicine, food, and ammo that allow you to stock up before a mission.

They will run out but you have the option to restock as well, which is usually cheaper and easier than buying everything individually.

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