Pokemon GO players will likely know about the notorious Twitter user, @Chrales.

He's one of the most prolific leakers when it comes to the game and he's normally first to reveal insider information about upcoming events and pokemon.

He's usually the person with access to the new in-game sprites well before they're officially revealed by Niantic.

And now he might have all but confirmed the launch of the games Halloween 2018 event, having taken to twitter to reveal a tonne of new information.

This includes a new "spooky message" as part of what looks like a three-part Halloween special research with Professor Willow.

there's also details with regards to some new Halloween event quests and some new Halloween cosmetic items.

For now we still don't know WHEN this event is scheduled to arrive, but given this latest revelation, we wouldn't be surprised to see the event go live TODAY.

Keep reading for all the details as revealed by @Chrales and stay tuned for an official announcement, presumably coming later today.


(Read in your best Professor Willow voice)

“As I was out on my regular walk one evening, I stumbled upon this Odd stone. Something told me to bring it back to my lab for further research, and ever since then, strange things have been happening.”

“Papers shifting around, water glasses tipping
all by themselves…” “When I tried using my computer to research it, I got an error message with the number 108
flashing! O/OPLAYERNAME%, can you help gather some data on nearby Ghost-type Pokémon?”

“l have to believe we can solve these spooky occurrences with science!”

“%PLAYERNAME%, thanks so much for your help. I did some research on Ghost-type Pokémon, and I think theres a Ghost- and Dark-type Pokémon that is bound to a strange stone.”

“l cant say for sure just yet, but it seems this Pokémon may actually be composed of 108 spirits bound together. so maybe if we catch 108 Pokémon, it will appear?” “Good luck, And…would you keep the light on in the lab for me? All this spooky research is making my hair stand on end.”

“Wow, lt seems weve had a spooky brush with Spiritomb! ”

“l cant tell if its the weather, but lve got the shivers! You know, I feel confident that we can solve anything together, %PLAYERNAME%, even when things get scary. ”

“Ill be in touch soon!”


These are pretty self-explanatory. It's not currently clear what the rewards for these event quests will be though. For now, here's a look at the new quests coming:

– Catch {0} Poochyena or Houndour

– Catch {0} Dark-type Pokémon

– Catch {0} Ghost-type Pokémon

– Evolve {0} Duskull or Shuppet

– Transfer {0} Pokémon


These new items are just the names for now, so it's unclear what they'll look like though. We're sure you can use your imagination. It's also pretty likely they'll cost pokecoins to purchase – we'll find out soon enough – but for now, here's a look at what's coming:

– backpack, shirt & hat gengar

– hat drifloon

– shirt drifblim

– hat mismagius

– shirt spiritomb

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