Fortnite Season 6 has continued with the idea of having weekly loading screens which proved so popular in Season 4 and 5.

But in a change to the norm, these loading screens don't always lead to extra Battle Stars. Some weeks, they now reveal a new hidden banner to unlock instead.

We imagine that this is so Epic Games can prolong the Hunting Party Challenges (known previously as the Blockbuster and Road Trip challenges), which lead eventually to a special skin at the end of the season.

But before you get yourself this special treat, you need to complete all challenges from the all seven weekly challenges (Week 4 is now live) to unlock the loading screen and reward.

For Week 4, there's no secret Battle Star, but instead, a new hidden banner to find.

Keep reading for details on how to find the Week 4 Hidden Banner for Season 6.

The loading screen unlocked in week 4 can be seen above, and it once again continues the spooky theme that's embodied everything about the game this season.

You don't have to squint quite so hard to see the new hidden banner on this loading screen like some weeks, but you might be wondering what you need to do.

The Fortnite Week 4 loading screen features a clue etched into the wall in the background of the loading screen image.

The clue itself is a Llama with a banner hovering over it. We can assume that this is related to the big metal Llama in the north-west of the map.

Just near and directly above Junk Junction.

Head to the location, pop on top of the Llama and you should find the hidden banner once you approach it.

Like all things, you need to finish the game for it to count when you've found the hidden banner on the map.

If you still need help, check out the YouTube video below.


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