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How many subscriptions do you pay for?

How many subscriptions do you pay for?

The evening Inbox is starting to get very excited about Red Dead Redemption II, as one reader is unhappy with Sonys PS Plus policies.

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Yearly subscriptions

I got Games Pass in January this year and Ive only been let down by it once. I think its great value for money. I have four kids so the money is theirs and I very rarely buy a new game at launch, the last one being Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4. The sheer breadth of the games on Games Pass is astonishing. Ive played games I would never buy like Samuel Manual and Human Fall Flat. The games for the kids are brilliant too and a huge collection of Xbox 360 games that I missed out on.

I only got an Xbox One for the racing games but Ive played loads of different genres through Games Pass that I just wouldnt be able to afford otherwise. Gaming currently costs me just shy of £200 a year in subscriptions, Xbox Gold, PS Plus, EA Access, and Games Pass. My kids love downloading different games and playing them just to find out what they are and if they like them.
Cheech762 (gamertag/PSN ID)
PS: First time writing in and Id like to praise GC and the great community we have. Love a good numbers war in the Underbox!

No space for more games

Very disappointing to hear about Starlink not being so good. I was looking forward to it too, but was always worried that the toys to life stuff was going to ruin it. Funnily enough I wouldve said I didnt really understand how it worked and was waiting to learn more, but it turns out there is nothing to understand and its just a cash grab!

After this and No Mans Sky I dont see many people being encouraged to try and make space games again in the future, which is a real shame. You wouldve thought the fact that nobodys made a good one lately would be the best reason to try. But companies only seem to copy each other when they already know someone else has been successful.

I dont know what itll mean for more Star Fox either if the games not a hit, as thats going to extend its losing streak to painful levels. Seems a strange thing to release this time of year anyway. Even if it had been any good I doubt it wouldve sold and that wouldvebeen more painful.

No lessons learnt

Just seen that Crysis 1, 2, and 3 have been added to Xbox One backwards compatibility. Apart from showing Microsoft continuing to do good work in that area it reminded me of a series I had completely forgotten even existed.

Its an interesting one though. To this day possibly the best example of how bland art design and story can drag down an otherwise great game. These games were so devoid of personality they couldve run for parliament and while you wouldnt have thought that would be that big a problem it really saps your desire to play the game.

The art design is just as bad and the whole thing just has an air of tech demo about it. Which is actually quite unfair, especially for the first game which is quite innovative. They never seemed to learn the lesson though and so I doubt Crytek will get to make another one. Are they even still going, GC?

GC: Crytek ran into a lot of problems, and had to shut down a number of studios, but theyre still going. We wouldnt expect any new Crysis games in a hurry though.



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Kids today

Echoing the reader who rightly wrote in about the fear of censoring alleged sexual depravity of Carry On Sengran Kagura. Think on this. Its easier and cheaper for an innocent youth of today to type into Google Honoka & Ayane naked having sex sfm than it is for him to save up enough pocket money to order an Asian version of Dead Or Alive Xtreme Volleyball 3 and a PlayStation VR headset.

Plus, neither are naked or indeed having sex. In fact, he could download the Source Engine for nothing and access the modding communitys endless ability to recreate his youthful desires.
Or just go on a killing spree in GTA V instead.

Christmas number one

It will be very interesting to see how the sales of the new Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle game disc go down when its due out on the 16th November. Ready to pre-order for £25, including the Battle Royale game and various premium content, etc. available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

No doubt this will sell like rocking horse poo on day one of release. Both my lads have already asked for it. I was just wondering though GC, will this actual Fortnite physical game disc be included in the official sales charts as the game included is a free download game online anyway?

GC: We dont see any reason why it wouldnt.

Clearing the decks

Im getting excited for Red Dead Redemption II now and have put in a pre-order.

Ive put my back catalogue on hold and cleared my gaming schedule by not picking up games that I know I would enjoy like Assassins Creed Odyssey and Black Ops 4, as well as not starting any new big games. Im happy to live and breathe Red Dead Redemption II for the next few months.

Im also looking forward to playing it on an upgraded console in the form of a PS4 Pro. For me the clearer super sampled image with better textures it provides on my 1080p quantum dot equipped Samsung monitor really makes the visual sing. I can only imagine that Red Dead Redemption II on a Xbox One X tethered to a big 4K/HDR TV will be a real treat.

Admittedly the difference isnt as marked as some bumps in fidelity Ive witnessed in the past.

I loved my N64 and didnt think of its image as low res or muddy, although I think it was always considered so. That is until I witnessed Homeworld on my friends PC played at a far higher resolution than the N64 was capable of. Combined with the atmospheric audio it was a stunning showcase for what the PC was capable of.

But still, I do find that the upgraded consoles do provide a discernibly prettier image.
Simundo Jones

Day one

RE: Dougal. Seriously? You really cannot wait for a day off to play a video game? The fact you mention work leads me to believe you are not eight years of age and I am pretty sure it is not Christmas Eve.

So surely you can pull yourself together and give your employer priority over your complete lack of restraint.
Hooper man



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Time pressures

Good news that Sony are finally letting users change their PSN IDs. However, my bone of contention
is with the restrictions Sony placed on PS Plus games.

I like to buy games outright without any time pressure If I like them enough (like Simundo Jones and his frustration with Game Pass) but every time I went to play a PS Plus title on my PS Vita I was reminded of how many days I had left to play it. This was fine with some games I just wanted to
sample but I remember a sale was on and so I went to buy a few of them, however it stated they were purchased in the PSN Store.

By the time my PS Plus sub had run out two months later the games I wanted to purchase were no
longer on offer. Its a completely backwards policy that steered me towards an Xbox One S as thankfully Microsoft dont implement this policy, as this picture shows below.

Any games can be purchased outright at any time including Games with Gold titles, EA Access titles,
and Game Pass titles too. And yes, I have purchased quite a few games outright that I was technically renting.

Therefore Im really hope that GC can raise this issue at a time that is appropriate, as I know Im
not the only one who has a problem with Sonys policy.
Chaosphere616 (gamertag)

Inbox also-rans

I managed to get Divinity: Original Sin II from Smyths for £24.99 a couple of weeks ago, sadly its gone back up in price and I forgot to write in about it. However, I just got Onrush Day One Edition from there for £11.99, so I figured thats worth sharing.
Euclidian Boxes

RE: Neils letter this morning. Divinity: Original Sin II is also 30% off in Argos at £29.99, both to collect and order on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox.
TheTruthSoul (PSN ID)

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader msv858, who asks where and how do you buy your video games?

With digital downloads becoming increasingly popular are the majority of your purchases digital or for physical discs and cartridges? If you still buy physically then where do you get them from and how do you make sure you get the best deal? Do you buy second-hand and how often do you resell?

For digital downloads how do you reconcile the high prices when not in a sale? Do you pre-order for either method and if all things are equal which do you prefer: physical or digital?

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