The Klingons have hair again, Rebecca Romijn debuts as Number One, and we catch our first glimpse of a young bearded Spock (Ethan Peck) in the action-packed new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 2. It's the flagship series for the fledgling CBS All Access streaming network, which unveiled this sneak peek at New York Comic Con last Saturday.

Discovery is a prequel to the original Star Trek, set roughly 10 years before Captain Kirk and his crew took over the USS Enterprise and boldly went where no man had gone before. Season one adopted a darker tone than TOS and irritated the more hardcore Star Trek fans, but season 2 looks like a return to its roots, with a fair sprinkling of humor to lighten things up—plus lots and lots of dramatic lens flares.

  • Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) says "Nobody gets left behind." CBS
  • Rebecca Romijn makes her Discovery debut as Number One. CBS
  • The USS Enterprise in a tight spot. CBS
  • What's with the weird red mist? CBS
  • Possibly the evil Mirror version of Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) of the secret Federation branch CBS
  • Diehard fans, rejoice! The Klingons have hair again CBS
  • Crew on the move. CBS
  • "This might hurt a bit… " CBS
  • A tender moment: "You are my family." CBS
  • Scouting party. CBS
  • Burning wreckage usually spells trouble. CBS
  • Our first glimpse of a young bearded Spock (Ethan Peck). CBS
  • The mysterious Red Angel. Only Spock knows its true meaning, "and where it must lead." CBS

So what do we learn from this new trailer? Well, last season's rather ruthless Captain Gabriel Lorca has been replaced by iconic character Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), who vows to leave no crew member behind. The Klingons have hair again (fans did not care for the bald look), and the marvelous Michelle Yeoh returns as the former ruler of the Terran Empire, Philippa Georgiou—or perhaps an evil Mirror version.

The trailer doesn't have many details in terms of overall plot, but Science Specialist Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) sees a "red angel," recalling that her adoptive brother Spock had recurring visions of such a creature. The meaning of the vision remains unclear to all but Mr. Spock himself, who makes a much-anticipated appearance at the end and muses ominously that he knows where all this must lead.

Overall, the trailer gives fans a lot to look forward to. The second season of Star Trek: Discovery premieres on January 17, 2019 on CBS All Access.

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 trailer.

Listing image by CBS

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