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(Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite season 6 update is here and it includes a new explosive weapon and a dance-based game mode.

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Disco Domination will put players against each other as they try to pull out their best moves on dance floors found around the map.

Epic Games has also use the update to address some bug issues as well as alter the drop rate for various in-game items.

The logner-awaited Skull Trooper outfit will also be making a return to the item shop this week.

What is in this weeks update?

The Disco Domination LTM has been added to the game this week and offers a Fortnite version of King of the Hill.

Players will be put into two teams of fifty and then clear out enemies at a dance floor and then dance to raise the disco ball.



There will be five dance floors in each game and the team that can fill their dance bar to 100% first will win.

This game mode will have respawning available until the third and final storm circle.

(Epic Games)

The quad launcher weapon has also been introduced in this update and players can use it to fire up to four rockets in quick succession.

It is available as an Epic and Legendary item and can be found in chests, supply drops and vending machines.

Players will be able to use it to 80-84 damage per rocket with a 300 unit explosion radius.

The Port-a-Fortress also makes a return to the game but with its availability slightly lowered to 1.83%.

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