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Red Dead Redemption II - less than a month to go now...

Red Dead Redemption II – less than a month to go now…

Rockstar has posted a new trailer for their upcoming western epic, with a focus on combat, heists, and those incredible graphics.

It seems almost redundant to say that Red Dead Redemption II looks fantastic, because you probably wouldve guessed that before even seeing the new trailer below.

Its the promised second gameplay video that this time deals with combat, including the use of both guns and your fists, and heists and other criminal activities.

The subject matter is the same as that from the first (and probably only) batch of previews that also revealed previously unknown features such as the first person view.

As the trailer proclaims at the end, everything you see in the video above is real in-game footage, although theres no mention of which format. Its probably Xbox One X though, which in the absence of a PC version will presumably be the best-looking one.



At the moment only the console versions have been announced, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions due on October 26.

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The video doesnt mention anything about multiplayer, as that wont be available at launch but instead via an online beta in November.

Whether youll be able to complete heists with other players is unclear, but the way theyre portrayed in the trailer certainly seems similar to GTA Online.

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