Pokemon GO Shiny Pokemon LIST – ALL Shiny Pokemon Available – How to catch Shiny Pokemon? (Pic: NIANTIC)

Shiny Pokemon were introduced to Pokemon GO in March 2017.

However, any Pokemon veteran will tell you they have been around since the dawn of time.

Well, the dawn of the main Pokemon series.

Since then players everywhere have wanted to get their hands on the rare creatures.

Here we reveal how Pokemon GO players can get themselves the notoriously rare Pokemon.

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What are Shiny Pokemon?

Put simply, Shiny Pokemon are colour variants of regular Pokemon.

According to Bulbapedia, a shiny Pokemon is “a specific Pokemon with different coloration to what is usual for its species. It is one of the many differences that a Pokemon can have within its species.”

The name was created by fans who were referring to the sparking sound effect and animation which was made during an encounter.

There is only one colour variant per Pokemon.

The first Shiny Pokemon in the mobile game were Magikarp and Gyarados.

Apart from the unique appearance, there are no advantages in terms of combat.

Important Shiny Pokemon info you should know:

How to catch Shiny Pokemon:

Annoyingly, the only way to catch the extremely rare Pokemon is to catch them and hoping it will be a colour variant.

You will see this if they display as an alternate colour in the battle an post-battle screens.

Remember, they wont appear as a different colour in the battle – you have to catch them first.

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How do I find Shiny Pokemon?

The Pokemon will appear normal in the Nearby list and on the map.

As mentioned previously, youll have to catch the Pokemon first.

They may be found in a Raid, battle or even through an Evolution.

How rare are they?

No one knows the exact chances of catching a Shiny.

It may take a long time before you meet one – you may never encounter one.

There is no guarantee you will encounter a Shiny.

What Shiny Pokemon are currently available in Pokemon GO?

• Shiny Absol

• Shiny Aerodactyl

• Shiny Aggron

• Shiny Altaria

• Shiny Ampharos

• Shiny Arcanine

• Shiny Aron

• Shiny Articuno

• Shiny Banette

• Shiny Bayleaf

• Shiny Blastoise

• Shiny Bulbasaur

• Shiny Charizard

• Shiny Charmander

• Shiny Chameleon

• Shiny Chikorita

• Shiny Cloyster

• Shiny Dragonair

• Shiny Dragonite

• Shiny Dratini

• Shiny Dusclops

• Shiny Duskull

• Shiny Eevee

• Shiny Espeon

• Shiny Flaaffy

• Shiny Flareon

• Shiny Forretress

• Shiny Geodude

• Shiny Glalie

• Shiny Golem

• Shiny Granbull

• Shiny Graveler

• Shiny Grimer

• Shiny Growlithe

• Shiny Gyarados

• Shiny Hariyama

• Shiny Ho-Oh

• Shiny Houndoom

• Shiny Houndour

• Shiny Ivysaur

• Shiny Jolteon

• Shiny Kabuto

• Shiny Kaputops

• Shiny Kyogre

• Shiny Lairon

• Shiny Larvitar

• Shiny Lugia

• Shiny Luvdisc

• Shiny Magby

• Shiny Magikarp

• Shiny Magmar

• Shiny Makuhita

• Shiny Mareep

• Shiny Mawile

• Shiny Medicham

• Shiny Meditite

• Shiny Meganium

• Shiny Mightyena

• Shiny Minun

• Shiny Moltres

• Shiny Muk

• Shiny Murrow

• Shiny Natu

• Shiny Omanyte

• Shiny Omastar

• Shiny Pelipper

• Shiny Pichu

• Shiny Pikachu

• Shiny Pineco

• Shiny Plusle

• Shiny Poochyena

• Shiny Pupitar

• Shiny Raichu

• Shiny Roselia

• Shiny Sableye

• Shiny Shellder

• Shiny Shuppet

• Shiny Snorunt

• Shiny Snubbull

• Shiny Squirtle

• Shiny Sunflora

• Shiny Sunken

• Shiny Swablu

• Shiny Togepi

• Shiny Togetic

• Shiny Tyranitar

• Shiny Umbreon

• Shiny Vaporeon

• Shiny Venusaur

• Shiny Wailmer

• Shiny Warlord

• Shiny Wartortle

• Shiny Wingull

• Shiny Wobbuffet

• Shiny Wynaut

• Shiny Xatu

• Shiny Zapdos

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