Fortnite Season 6 SKINS LEAKED: Patch Notes reveal new skins coming to Battle Pass TODAY (Pic: EPIC)

Fortnite servers are down this morning with matchmaking temporarily offline as Epic Games goes about releasing the brand new Season 6 update and patch notes for the game.

For those wondering, this is for both game modes – Battle Royale and Save the World – and all available platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS and Android smartphone devices.

Ahead of the game going back online, dataminers have managed to get a sneak peek at what we can expect to come to the shop over the coming weeks.

There are new upcoming cosmetics, including new skins, pickaxes, gliders, back bling and emotes – as well as new items like Toys and Pets.

It's unclear when these new items could go live in the game, but it's likely going to be spread out over the next few days and possibly weeks as items you can obtain from the shop when it refreshes each morning at 1AM BST.

Take a look at the new cosmetics below.


(Pic: TwoEpicBuddies)

Fortnite Season 6 Skins

In the Battle Pass so far, we've seen a variety of skins revealed.

First up there's a werewolf that seems to emerge from your friendly highschool jock. To counteract this character, Epic has also introduced a pretty vengeful version of Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a massive, wolf-killing axe.

Then, there's a new character stuck inside a llama he seems to think he can ride (but he's pretty slow in it).

In the reveal trailer, he's flanked by some sort of Daft Punk-inspired DJ LLama (?) and a Vampire Lady (that also seems to come with her own living bat back bling).

A tomato-headed bomber is in the game, too, flinging fruit at its enemies.

Finally, as far as reveals so far go, we've got some sort of grim cowgirl – a Day of the Dead-inspired leather-clad lady.

You can see these skins collected in our Fortnite Season 6 skins page.


(Pic: TwoEpicBuddies)

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass

As Epic states on its website:

"New Season, new Battle Pass. 100 levels, over 100 new rewards. Available in-game right now for 950 V-Bucks. Find out more information on this season's Battle Pass here."

Here's what's in the Battle Pass:

– 5+ Skins

– 3 Pets

– 3 Pickaxes

– 5 Emotes

– 4 Gliders

– 4 Back Blings

– 5 Skydiving Trails

– 14 Sprays

– 2 Toys

– 3 Music Tracks

– 1,300 Total V-Bucks

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