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Who should be in an Xbox version of Smash Bros.?

The morning Inbox argues over the price of The World Ends With You on Switch, as one reader dreams of a Capcom vs. Capcom game.

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Super Xbox Bros.

This is silly really, because Im sure itd never happen but with all the hype about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I started to wonder what a Microsoft version of the game would look like. Same may remember that Sony attempted its own clone with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (before Battle Royale meant what it does today). It was pretty lame, both in terms of the gameplay and the weedy looking graphics and lack of iconic character, but how would Microsoft fare I wonder?

Theyre, rightly, criticised nowadays for not having any decent first party exclusives but I think they actually do a bit better than Sony in terms of instantly recognisable characters. Youve got Master Chief, obviously, and the Gears Of War guys, but theres also Steve from Minecraft and Banjo-Kaoozie, both of which are very iconic. Heck, to many kids Steve is probably bigger than Mario.

I dont see how you make much out of the Forza series but the Crackdown character is fairly distinctive and they should be able to shoehorn Fable in there somewhere. And then theres other Rare characters like Battletoads, Viva Piñata, Conker, Perfect Dark, and Sea Of Thieves. Youve also got Killer Instinct, Ori, and, err… Voodoo Vince and Blinx.

I actually think thats a decent line-up, especially when you consider that a lot of them are more than just a guy with a gun, which was a problem with the Sony game. Like I said, itd never happen but Id love if some of them ended up in the actual Smash Bros…

Keeping faith

So I see Anthem has gone alpha which as I understand it is the first point at which the entire game is playable, even if a lot of the graphics, etc. have been finalised. Ignoring the usual complaint about why this game seems to have zero hype (seriously, EA needs to turn on the marketing the second Christmas is over or theyre going to have no time to get anything done) I am actually really looking forwards to it.

GCs Gamescom preview was surprisingly positive and so have been a lot of the others. I was also impressed by the how the develop copied with all the interview questions, and while I agree the art work looks a bit generic Im excited about the idea of a game where flying/jetpacks is a major part of the action.

I also just want to see some kind of validation for BioWare still being a top developer. Ive always loved their stuff and the failure of Mass Effect: Andromeda worried me because suddenly people instantly went to talking about them maybe being closed down and in trouble. I hope that doesnt happen and I am (reasonably) confident it wont. So heres to February 21st!

Capcom vs. Capcom

Would just like to say how much I agree with the Readers Feature at the weekend about Capcom making a new Versus game. Ill pretty much settle for anything, but I would love if it was just a straight-up Capcom All-Stars. I dont know if its just me but one of the things I love most about the Versus games is seeing obscure characters suddenly thrown back into the limelight or discovering ones youve never even heard of.

Thats why I love Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom so much because Id barely heard of any of them. I mean, a giant transforming cigarette lighter? That is so bizarre I love it, and it totally worked in the game. But Capcom has got such a huge backlog of games, as the Beat Em Up Bundle proved, that they could do all that themselves without any crossover.

I would like to see a new Marvel Vs. Capcom done properly, with actual unexpected character on both sides but I think that well has probably been poisoned for good now. All the more reason to go it on their own!



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Nicer side of death

Id second Matts suggested of Firewatch as a nicer walking sim. The atmosphere is great, particularly to begin with. Although the plot is still mostly focused on death, as GC said, the game itself isnt as morbid (that might make more sense if you play it).

Id also suggest Oxenfree which has more gameplay that most walking sims and has some really great dialogue and voice acting. I dont think either of these games feel like something that a new art student would make, as you described some other games (and Id agree with you to an extent).
Michael622632 (PSN ID)

GC: Wed never really thought of Oxenfree as a walking sim, although we can see where youre coming from. We did really enjoy it though.

Flagging changes

Going through Shenmue II again on my PlayStation 4 and it soon came time to visit the shopping mall in the Golden Quarter of Wan Chai. Now, unless I have fallen prey to the Mandela effect, I remember the building opposite the mall had British flags flying from it in the Dreamcast and Xbox versions. I had always assumed it was the British Embassy, but it is just as likely that I am very thick and very wrong about that.

Anyway, now the building opposite is not flying British flags – just some sort of hotel logo. Does anybody know why this has happened? Is it to appease China in some way? Was that the British Embassy back in the 1980s? Am I dreaming? Are any of you real?

Legendary appeal

As a preamble to todays musings I must say that the quality of the NES emulations on the Switch is very impressive so far. The 8-bit visuals pop out of the small screen with a renewed vibrancy.

Now onto the games: I havent played The Legend Of Zelda in well over 10 years but my god has it aged so freakishly gracefully. Its making me appreciate Breath Of The Wilds link to the past in drawing inspiration from this timeless classic even more now.

Even for its burgeoning, formative era, the freedom of exploration, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and sense of discovery was unprecedented. It represented a true awakening of the potential of adventure gaming.

The passage of time hasnt diminished the playability or cultural relevancy of the original Zelda at all, it would seem. In the advent of such a transformative accomplishment the trajectory of the series success was skyward!
Galvanized Gamer
PS: Any chance of a review of The Messenger, as it looks ace? Keep up the good work guys.

GC: Probably not, apart from anything we were never big fans of Ninja Gaiden.

Price of resurrection

So I see were back to insisting that games are worthless as soon as they get more than a couple of years old. For years fans have bene clamouring for a remaster of The World Ends With You, as a stepping stone towards a new game, and now because its got a normal price thats some sort of outrage?

How many people do you think exactly were queuing up for a remaster of an old DS game? Square Enix has to have some expectation of making their money back on this and expecting so-called fans to pay a fair price for it doesnt seem unreasonable. Or do you expect The Beatles White Album, or whatever, to be £5 just because its cheap?



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Hard copies

In response to UltraChris, I feel quite similar about buying games digitally.

I was dead set against it a few years ago. I love my collection of games which I have accumulated ever since the NES days. Ive rarely bought any games Ive not enjoyed (mainly thanks to GCs reviews) so Ive never bothered trading any in, I love my games!

However, since the Switch launched I have only bought hard copies of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, and Sonic Mania Plus.

On the other hand, digitally I have Celeste, Owlboy, SteamWorld Dig 2, Thumper, Super Meat Boy, Floor Kids, Runner3, Hollow Knight, Forma.8, Shantae And The Pirates Curse, Axiom Verge, Tumbleseed, and Yokus Island Express.

Apart from Celeste, all the games I bought digitally I bought in the eShop sale. Most of them for under £10 and some for under £5.

If I had only bought hard copies then I would have only been able to afford around half of the games I have and therefore missed out on some gems!

So my views on digital have changed. But I will still buy major upcoming Switch titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Metroid Prime 4 as hard copies because I want them on a shelf and also I dont want such titles to overload my Switchs memory.
Fatys Henrys

GC: Thats some good taste in indie games youve got there.

Inbox also-rans

If you ask me the problem with Telltale was relying so much on licences. No wonder they had no time or money left to make new engines if all they did was run around buying these expensive IPs. At least they could of just stuck with obscure stuff like Fables, especially as The Wolf Among Us was one of their better ones; Borderlands too.
Oni Link

Has GC seen the new trailer for the Bumblebee film? I can imagine you just ignoring it giving the other films but this seems to be a soft reboot that uses actual G1 designs. The stuff on Cybertron looks very similar to the War For Cybertron games.

GC: We have seen it and it does look surprisingly promising. Which is kind of shocking.

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The console will contain 20 games, but only five have been confirmed so far: Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash!, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild ARMs. So we want to know what you think the other 15 should be?

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