Fortnite Season 6 Skins Teaser COUNTDOWN: More Epic Posters, Leaks and Map news TODAY (Pic: DS)


We saw the brand new Season 6 poster from Epic Games yesterday and if they stay true to form we should see another one today as we approach the Season 6 release on Thursday.

In all likelyhood, this next poster/teaser will reveal yet another new skin coming to the game.

That's assuming we believe that what we're seeing in the poster is a skin, in the same way that the items and masks shown in the Season 5 posters were also skins available in the game.

Either way, we're all eagerly anticipating that next Epic Games Season 6 poster coming this afternoon!

Stay tuned for more…


We've just seen a new update from Epic that's given us our first concrete tease of Fortnite Season 6.

"All great parties need a DJ," reads the tweet, featuring a picture of a llama decked out like a cyber DJ (think Deadmau5/Daft Punk).

"3 days to Season 6," the tweet concludes.

This is a hint – are we getting a party theme, a music theme? Is the lake going to turn into a massive party volcano?

Check out the new skin (at least, that's what we're assuming!) below.


Just a reminder, if we're assuming that Epic Games are to start teasing Fortnite Season 6 at some point today, most Fortnite Twitter Leakers seem to believe this will be taking place ar roughly 10AM EDT.

To echo our previous notes, fellow Fortnite leaker @FNBRLeaks (Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks) has also his weight behind the idea that teasers should be coming at 10am EDT, writing:

"Ill be surprised if we dont get Season 6 Teasers today, but if we do they should come around 10am EST"

Once again, that would be 3pm BST today. One hour from now.

So stand by for it to get very interesting very soon.

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Original Story – Fortnite Season 6 is coming this week. That we know for sure after Epic Games confirmed the official start times for Season 6 and end times for Season 5 at the tail end of last week.

According to Epic Fortnite Season 6 will launch on September 27, this Thursday.

If previous Fortnite updates are anything to go by, we'll likely see the new Season go live in the morning (in UK time at least) after Epic has dropped the patch onto the game, bringing it to its latest version.

But leading up to that point, we're likely going to see a whole boatload of teasers and clues from Epic Games. In fact, this has been pretty much nailed on by Epic themselves.

In a new Reddit post on Friday Epic told fans that teasers for Season 6 will be coming next week (so, this week) and that fans could "enjoy the weekend" without fear of missing out on any Fortnite teasers.

“Season 6 teasers on the way for next week. Enjoy the weekend!”

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So, now that the weekend is over, it means we're officially hurtling towards the inevitable Season 6 teasers from Epic Games.

Siloleaks – one of the Fortnite Twitter leakers who we tipped as one of the best six users to follow for up to date info and leaks – has already tweeted this morning and got the hype train moving.

"Remember season 6 teasers SHOULD come tomorrow!" Siloleaks first said, before offering some further clues on when we could see the teasers drop, writing:

"Each season 5 teaser came out at 10 AM EDT, expect them about that time tomorrow! 7AM PDT, 8AM MDT 9AM CDT, 10AM EDT"

For those in the UK, this could be from 3pm BST later today.

What form these new teasers come in is anyone's guess, but in true Epic Games style we're willing to be it's not going to be eventful.

Last season we saw the rifts swallowing up parts of the map and real world versions of the map appearing around the world.

But this year might take the form of a giant Volcano erupting which is probably linked in some way to the cube event from the last month.

There had been some disappointment with the Cube event after it simply melted into Loot Lake, without doing much else except turning the water into a big 'Thanos'-coloured bounce mat.

Since then, developments have been slow and some users have suggested the runes the Cube printed onto the ground in the map have started to hum, suggesting that something else might be coming.

Likewise, Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein has also confirmed that something big is still in the works.

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Following the cube event, @Mark Rein tweeted out:

"Ugh! So much for my idea about swimming in Loot Lake! I guess well go for a bounce on Loot Late instead."

He was then asked by one Fortnite fan "Just let us know if there's anything else"

Intriguingly, Rein replied with the following tease: "This is @FortniteGame – theres ALWAYS something else :)"

To us, we think that the Cube event was just a precursor to something massive. Potentially that volcano we've heard so much about.

Thankfully, we don't have long to wait to find out.

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