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God Of War - Kratos is so photogenic

God Of War – Kratos is so photogenic

The morning Inbox wonders when the next Nintendo Direct will be, as another reader is worried about the earliness of Spider-Man DLC.

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Picture perfect

Was reading this morning that Devil May Cry 5 has been confirmed to have a photo mode, along with the video Insomniac released this week for Spider-Man. Photo modes are officially the new hotness! Ive perused many amazing screens from God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, but my first and only experience with them so far has been last years Assassins Creed Origins, and I spent way too much time fiddling around with that; I was more looking at the landscape for places to take cool pics than I was for quests and loot.

But theres sadly been no word if there will be a photo mode in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider next week; do you know? It seems a waste to have the fancy ray-tracing whatever upgrade on the PC version and not have a photo mode hmmmm. Although I guess theres always the screen capture button. But its just not the same if you cant freeze mid-action, move the camera, change the lighting and effects, and create a proper masterpiece.

Caught in the rush

So were into September now, and I think Spider-Man this week probably counts as the start of the Christmas rush, so how many Nintendo Directs are we expecting between now and when Super Smash Bros. comes out at the beginning of December?

The way theyre keeping back the characters I would assume at least two? Like, I dont see them only having one and then announcing two or three new characters in that. I mean, its Nintendo so obviously you cant take anything for granted but that makes sense, right?

I feel that as we move into Christmas and all the big games are coming out that people are forgetting about the Switch and thats only going to get worse as the rush goes on. Theyve only got themselves to blame of course, but thats why Im hoping they at least do more than one Direct. If they dont give us games they can at least give us hype!
PS: When is Dark Souls Remastered out on Switch?

GC: 19th October.

High tech

Ive found the reactions to Cyberpunk 2077 very interesting, in particular what it implies about what people consider to be good graphics. I suppose if you just looked at the game as a first person shooter then theyre merely good, although Id struggle to name anything that looked exactly as good or better. (Just compare it with Deus Ex, which is a pretty similar setting.)

But for me the really impressive aspect is the complexity of the city, all the hundreds of people wandering around and the fact that they all seem to have individual identities and purposes. The Witcher 3 already did this to a degree and Im glad to see it being expanded for CD Projekts next game.

The branching narrative is also very impressive and to have something of the complexity you usually only have games that look like Life Is Strange so to have that mixed with a state-of-the-art game is to me is a dream come true. If Cyberpunk 2077 doesnt turn out to be an all-time classic, and one of the most technically advanced games ever made, I will be very surprised.



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Silver Somebody

Im also in two minds about the Spider-Man DLC. I understand the game is very long but this all reeks of withheld content. What I dont understand is why is it being all released this year? Surely the point for story DLC in a single-player game is to make sure you keep a hold of the game and dont sell it on, and then youve got something new to play a bit further down the line when youve beaten it.

If the game is 20+ hours then a lot of people are going to struggle to beat it, definitely 100% it, before Christmas and by that time the DLC will already be old news. I just dont get it from a marketing angle, let alone anything else and the new trailer doesnt make things any clearer.

And did you say Black Cat and Silver Sable were in the game already? Youd think they could at least focus them on new characters but it sounds like theyre just reusing characters that are already in the game. I just dont get it, why cheap out with the DLC and put so much effort into the main game? Anyway, look forward to your review on Tuesday.
The Bishop

GC: Black Cats got a set of side quests, but you never actually see her. Silver Sable is in the game properly but theres no guarantee that Silver Lining is about her. Although we somehow doubt its Silver Surfer.

Competent games

The fact that FIFA has always been more popular than PES is a sad reflection of why most people play games: its not because they particularly like or appreciate them but because theyve trying to fit in socially. Everyone plays FIFA, so who wants to be the one that doesnt. Especially as youll be playing on your own.

Its the same for Call Of Duty in my opinion. These are competent games but theres nothing exciting or original about them, and that becomes more true with every sequel.

PES is a much better game of football but because it doesnt have the official licences or fleece its customers quite as much with its version of Ultimate Team its not as popular. Sorry if I sound better but you just know theyre going to pull the plug on it sooner or later and its going to be such a shame.

Money matters

RE: Graham Watt and Chris. Again, I would just like to say thank you for your invaluable advice regarding my sons gaming PC enquiry. Sorry I left you out last week Graham, for the advice you gave me in the Underbox section of the main Inbox. I really did take onboard what everyones told me and especially to you Chris I did go onto the link you sent me, it was invaluable information that I never ever knew about!

But at the end of the day Ive ended up keeping the Zoostorm PC. I know what youre all going to say, however it all came down to finances/money! Its just at the end of the day I actually ended up getting the PC tower with a 25″ BenQ monitor, not the 23″ as advertised for just £377 in the end! After the sale price and cashback Very credited me another £53. And I got free delivery to boot, due to not arriving on the specific due date as arranged last week.

So for this kind of money on buy now pay nine months later Ive decided to keep the Zoostorm and with all the money I have saved I will be able to afford to get my son a better graphics card in the future too!

Personal viewing

I realise Im becoming an increasing minority on this but I will never understand how anyone can enjoy watching other people playing games. It seems so perverse given the whole point of games is theyre interactive. So personally Im not surprised that Red Dead Redemption II looked boring while watching it, but I bet it wont be while playing it.

The only reason I can think of streamings success is people not being able to afford every game (understandable) and just wanting to pretend the streamers their friend or something? Even though all they want is more people to watch to earn them more money. Obviously Im in the wrong but I think Ill just wait till the games out and see it in personal.



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Things that make you go wow

I love it when a game comes along that makes you go wow!

Over the last week there have been many times I have took off the PlayStation VR headset and just said, that was so much fun.

Shooters and talking online are not really my thing but playing Firewall Zero Hour, I have only met friendly folk who are helpful and give advice on tactics for the next round. The gunplay, with the aim, is so natural that I have really enjoyed the matches and aiming is much easier when it is done by turning your head.

When playing Firewall the sense of immersion in this game is immense. The firefights are so much fun. One of my favourite moments was when two of us were going up a flight of stairs. We were covering each other, like they do on the TV and then a player from the other side appeared at the top. I put down covering fire and you can blind fire round corners. This allowed my team-mate to get in position to take down the opponent and we then praised each other for our excellent tactics. We then relaxed and moved down the corridor. Our dead opponent had cunningly left a proximity mine, this took us both out. Both of us then laughed a lot at our carelessness and a new friend was made.

There have been many firefights and in VR they are just fantastic, it is a completely different way of playing a game and if you have a chance to play I would say go for it.

Superb entertainment and all at £25.

Inbox also-rans

Are you going to review Firewall Zero Hour for PlayStation VR please?
Akali (PSN ID)/ KhalsaBlade (gamertag)/SW-3292-4519-9214

GC: It wasnt on our radar but we kept hearing good things (such as the letter above) so weve put it on our list.

I hope Control works out for Remedy. Like others Ive been concerned they might be in danger of going under and a new IP is a danger. But it sounds like its a good one.

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Agro, who asks what would be your dream comic book video game?

Spider-Man is out on PlayStation 4 this week but comic book tie-ins are surprisingly rare nowadays, despite their popularity at cinemas and their general suitability for games. So if budgets and licenses werent an issue what game would you make based on what hero and storyline?

It doesnt necessarily have to be superhero-related, as long as the property is primarily known as a comic book, but what sort of game do you imagine it would be and how would the gameplay work in terms of powers and abilities?

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