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Streets Of Rage 4 – are you raging or celebrating?

The morning Inbox hopes theres a new Star Fox game to make use of Nintendo Labo, as another reader is impressed by the Black Ops 4 beta.

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Sequel shock

Streets Of Rage 4 is actually happening?! I am genuinely shocked. And just after we had a Hot Topic about games you never expect to see again. I mean, thats not the one I voted for but it wouldve been fairly high up the list. Anything would be from Sega really as, like many, Id assumed that Sonic Mania had been deemed a failure and torpedoed any chances of a similar revival for other old games.

The number of indie developers involved in this suggests theyre taking it fairly seriously though and thats got to be a good sign. I can see the art style being a problem for some people and while I dont mind it I dont really see how its appropriate either. I mean, Wonder Boy and Streets Of Rage are about as different as 16-bit games got so theyre asking for at least a bit of trouble.

Myself though Im not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and will instead be glad were getting anything at all. Especially given the developers involved seem quite talented. Ill go with GCs suggestion and hope that Golden Axe is next though. I was always quite partial to ESWAT too, but it seems like these guys could probably do any 2D scroller at least. I hope they get the chance!

Well wasted

Your review of Legend Of Solgard got me to thinking; what mobile games do you recommend as the best time wasters (as the current Mrs L might call them) for iPhone, please?

My family, life, and work commitments mean I cant settle down for marathon Xbox sessions anywhere near as much as Id like but my phone is pretty much always with me to ease the combined boredoms of travel/conference calls/simply hanging around.

Any suggestions from you and the GC crew would be gratefully received. Read you every day, keep up the fantastic journalistic content and opinion.
Dr Lokoss (gamertag)

GC: Thank you. We run a monthly round-up on mobile games and you can read the most recent one here. The new one for September should go up next week though.

Long wait

I missed the Hot Topic this week but Ive been waiting for my most anticipated game of 2018 since E3 2017. That game? The Last Night by French developer Odd Tales.

The mix of 2D/3D Flashback style cyberpunk mixed with contemporary processing power, techniques and visual effects such as HDR had me chomping-at-the-bit for this Blade Runner-esque title but it seems to
have disappeared from schedules. Odd Tales website has nothing new since last years E3 reveal and even Tim Sorets Twitter account is suspiciously quiet. The only thing that gives me hope are infrequent
tweets from other devs saying that they are working on it.

Has GC heard any rumblings?
Phil Spearpoint

GC: Immediately after E3 the developer ran into trouble over his questionable political views and seems to have avoided publicity ever since. As far as we know the game is still in development though.



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Beta all right

I also played the new beta for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 and quiet agree with the Readers Feature: I found the menu annoying and confusing I ts very different to the previous layouts. I did enjoy the game itself once I learned a few of the maps and I am excited to play the game in the future properly. But as its a test I hope they do tweak a few things, such as the weapons and with the new zombies component I really hope they release a really amazing ray gun! The Mark 2 Ray gun from Black Ops Origins even, with the new update to the map with gobble-gums etc. is still a classic! (Had to add that.)

The game itself feels more realistic as the graphics seem to have changed from a less cartoonish approach. The aircraft are more realistic and the new maps we havent seen are defiantly something to look forward to! A Nuketown type map reinvented small and easy to have an intense game would be fun! Overall I quiet enjoyed my experiences of playing and I look forward to the next beta!
Danielle Green

Old but free

Well, Ive just purchased the Fortnite slim edition PlayStation 4 500GB console with two free boxed games: Doom and Fallout 4 for just £213.50 from Sainsburys today, after a 15% staff discount for my son.

Now, I know the free games are old and Fortnite is free to download, etc. but when you see the exact same console on the very same shelf as a standalone PlayStation 4 only with no free games at all for the same price who on Earth would purchase the PlayStation 4-only console just on its own? It had the same memory capacity as well.

The listening publisher

A while back I did a Readers Feature which can be read here, on why Sega needed to do a new Streets Of Rage. I didnt think Sega would have ever done another one but it looks like Sega have announced Streets Of Rage 4.

As a fan, I am delighted and cant wait for this to be released and it looks great. The fourth game in this series is now showing the characters older and looks like it is set in the future.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

Cardboard theory

I always thought Nintendo Labo looked like quite a cool idea, but I dont have kids of the right age so we never got the original too. I would seriously consider the new controller one though, especially if Nintendo announced a number of new games that it they worked with.

It sounds like the barrel roll is a pretty big hint at a new Star Fox though, so thats encouraging. Which makes me think they might have an ulterior motive for including the submarine controller as well. An actual tank game, maybe? A 3D version of Steel Diver? One can only imagine when it comes to Nintendo.

My only problem with Labo is that it does seem an odd thing to prioritise at this stage in the Switchs lifetime. I imagine it probably didnt take too many resources away from more substantial games, but it does feel like the sort of thing youd put out after a console was at its peak a few years into its lifetime, not basically the first (and almost only) big release of the second year. Still, I at least would rather have it than not.



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Phantastic idea

Okay, so that news about Streets Of Rage 4 is properly amazing. I never thought wed see the day. But of course now its happened the only thing I can think of is what else Sega should try and revive. GC mentioned some of the most obvious ones but Id like to make the case for Phantasy Star.

This is not only one of Segas few memorable role-playing series but it was also pretty different from others at the time, given the sci-fi setting and first person view. Id love to see a new game that took advantage of that and brought it up to date with modern technology. Id settle for something neo-retro that kind of looked like the originals but better though and I guess thats the most realistic option overall.

But theres also Phantasy Star Online, which is completely different and the game that Monster Hunter originally ripped off all those years ago. It also just happened to be the first online game I ever played and should be much better remembered than it is.

That goes for the whole franchise really and Id love to see Sega take it seriously again. Sure, theres Panzer Dragoon Saga and Skies Of Arcadia but they definitely need a big budget and cant be in anything but 3D. So I say start with Phantasy Star and go from there. Maybe even do a remake of the first. Anything to get it back into the public eye.

Inbox also-rans

Finally got round to playing the Amnesia collection. Playing the original and Im pretty sure its the most unnerving game Ive ever played. Absolutely loving it though. Headphones on, lights off. Waking up the girlfriend when I jump. Awesome stuff!

Attached is a digital copy of the indie film Lady Bird for any reader who would like it and sends in a usable Inbox letter.
Andrew J.
Currently playing: Flipping Death (PS4)

GC: Thats very good of you. A great film too.

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Gannet, who asks what game have you beaten the greatest number of times?

It doesnt matter how old the game is or whether its exactly the same version every time (it can be the same game but on different formats) but which game have you beaten again and again (including New Game+) and still enjoyed? What makes it so replayable and are you still finding new things each time you play it?

Do you often replay games or is this one an anomaly amongst your collection? Do you consider replayability to be an important part of the gaming experience or do you generally only play them once to completion?

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