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Fallout 76 - Bethesda embrace multiplayer

Fallout 76 – Bethesda embrace multiplayer, but will you?

GameCentral readers discuss the games theyre most looking forward to for the rest of the year, from Smash Bros. to Fallout 76.

With Gamescom just finished almost every video game that will be out for Christmas has been announced and shown to the public. So we wanted to know what youre most interested in and which you might have already pre-ordered.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Red Dead Redemption II was by far the most popular but there was also a lot of interest in everything from Battlefield V to Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

Big effort

Its obvious that Red Dead Redemption II is going to be the biggest seller of Christmas and the year and I cant pretend Im not probably going to get it as well. Not enough to want to pre-order but I find it very hard to imagine it wont be at worth at least the asking price.

What Im most looking forward to though is Fallout 76. Although maybe thats not the best way to put it. Im not really certain its going to be good but the idea of a multiplayer Fallout has been something Ive wanted to see for years now, so theres no way Id not get it unless the feedback is really bad.

I play Elder Scrolls Online a bit and dont really feel its the online version of Skyrim that I wouldve liked, because its a fairly standard MMO at heart and so not very interesting. But Fallout 76 does seem to be its own game and that seems a better idea. I just hope its a proper big budget effort, which is kind of hard to tell at the moment because they havent really showed much of it off. I dont think it was at Gamescom either, was it GC?

GC: No, it was not.

Yearly purchase

I hate to be Mr Predictable but the one game Im most looking forward to is Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. I think theres often a reluctance for people to admit theyre into Call Of Duty, because its too mainstream but I like to think I enjoy a broad range of games and Call Of Duty has always proven fun and value for money (even Infinite Warfare).

I wouldnt say its necessarily my favourite franchise but it is one Ill usually pick up with little question. And since this new one is Black Ops and seems to have lots of new ideas Im basically already sold. Especially after the recent beta, which I thought was good.

If anything I think its Rockstar who are overrated. I wouldnt say theyre bad or anything but the guns in their game are usually not that fun to use and obviously Red Dead Redemption II isnt going to have any car racing in it. I may still get it, but would rather wait until it was cheaper.

I may also get Just Cause 4 as well, as I at least really like the games. But that one is blatantly going to be a bomb and Im betting I can get it for at least £20 off before Christmas.

The way to go

I dont want to say the obvious (Red Dead Redemption II) so instead Ill mention SoulCalibur VI, which Im suddenly much more interested in now that theyve shown something of the single-player story mode. I was beginning to worry that they were going to half-ass it but it actually looks quite involved and interesting and the character customisation seems to be good too.

Fighting games are in an awkward position at the moment where they kind of havent got anywhere to go and graphical improvements have plateaued. Personally I think story campaigns are the way to go in order to open them up and do something new so I hope SoulCalibur VI does it well and other to begin to follow. Not everyone wants to be a tournament player you known.

GC: The single-play campaign wasnt playable at Gamescom, so all we saw was a slightly extended version of the trailer below.



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Hype rising

I know opinions are split on the game but I am really looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The last Nintendo Direct was one of the most hyped things Nintendo has ever done and while I was always going to get it I am now convinced its going to be one of the best game of the year.

The amount of content in these games is always crazy but this time it just seems out of control. Im still hoping for some kind of crossover from Microsoft too, which I think will just sent the Internet into full-on crazy mode. Either Minecraft or Banjo and Kazooie would be great. But throw Master Chief in there and I think youd actually see some brains implode.

Thats probably asking for too much but it really does seem like anything is possible now. Cant wait till they reveal the single-player mode too, as thats been the only negative in the series up till now and it seems that theyve got something new planned this time. So many secrets still to be revealed only means the hype can go even higher!

Racing ahead

Im still convinced that Forza Horizon 4 is going to be the best reviewed exclusive this Christmas (not overall, just exclusive) so other than Red Dead Redemption II thats the one Im most looking forward to. The graphics look amazing and I think the Horizon games have always been more fun than the Motorsport ones.

I admit its not a game thats going to change anyones mind about getting an Xbox One or anything like that, which is what Microsoft need right now, but to me it cements that Microsoft has by far the best racing exclusives now and considering how big Gran Turismo used to be that counts as something at least.

The big game

Im kind of hoping that Nintendo still has one last big secret left in the tank, as Im not really interested in Smash Bros. and the only thing the Switch has is Super Mario Party (which if its a good one I might pick up, but hardly a big game).

If they were to announce something like the rumours new Star Fox game that would be amazing, although I think thats probably pretty unlikely now. It sounds like it wont even be a port of Super Mario 3D World but instead the considerably less interesting New Super Mario Bros. U.

Bit of a bad Christmas, and year, for the Switch really. It almost seems a good thing that Dark Souls was delayed as that may have to stand in as the big game I get.



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Early preparation

Just the one game for me so far for the rest of this year and its Red Dead Redemption II. I have been watching as many western films as possible to get psyched up. The Dollars trilogy and Hang Em High with Once Upon a Time in the West are good ones for a start.

The fact I have been getting through backlogs of games recently, ready for the big day, just proves I want to be ready for when this game when it arrives. The last Red Dead was just so good and just utterly compelling that I wanted more. I even completed the DLC Undead Nightmare, which was just a perfect merge of two types of cult favourites.

Resident Evil 2 would be the other game Id get, but that is next year I believe. I really dont have to be worried about favourite series of mine coming out anymore as the above are two of my all-time favourites. It looks like overall a fantastic line-up and I must thank GameCentral by keeping us up to speed in Gamescom and confirming a lot of what we gamers needed to know.

I am predicting this year will finish in a big Winchester rifle blast to shoot straight into the year 2019 and I will be riding into the setting sun with a feeling of being overwhelmed with awesomeness at what I hopefully will be playing – a game to raise the benchmark of open world/sandbox gaming – yee haw to one and all.


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