Hunt Showdown Xbox One Roadmap – Release Date News and updates for Steam Early Access game


Gamescom 2018 News:

To the glee of many Xbox fans, Microsoft has this week announced that they will release Hunt: Showdown via the Xbox Game Preview programme.

Developer Crytek announced the news at Gamescom on Tuesday, August 21.

The game was released on PC earlier this year, and is currently available on Steam as part of Valves Early Access programme.

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Hunt: Showdown is a first-person competitive monster-hunting shooter game.

Players take on the role of a bounty hunter who is searching for monsters in the swamps of Louisiana.

The players will battle against terrifying monsters in teams of two, or solo.

However, they will also have to defend their bounty against other players.

The competitive game is developed and published by Crytek as a spiritual successor to Darksiders.

Crytek describes the game as combining “the thrill of first-person shooters and survival games, all packed into a match-based format.”

Hunt: Showdown was released on Steam in early access on February 22, 2018.

Now Crytek has announced the PvE and PvP game will be available on early access as part of the Xbox Game Preview programme.

The reception for Hunt: Showdown so far seems to be largely positive – with reviewers praising the game on the bleeding of PvE and PvP.


The Xbox Game Preview gramme is a way for Microsoft fans to try out games which are in-progress titles.

This means they can participate in the development process, and make the games as good as they can be.

The games can be purchased like regular titles, but they may be missing content, contain bugs, or generally need some extra work before they are fully released.

The Xbox Game Preview programme is home to games which are in development, such as PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, Gwent and Vigor.

Xbox Game Preview can be found in the Microsoft Store on Xbox One, where there is a dedicated Game Preview section.

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There is currently no release date for the Early Access release of Hunt: Showdown.

It will be released on a future undisclosed date.

Xbox posted on Twitter: “Bounty Hunters wanted. Hunt: Showdown is coming to Xbox Game Preview!

However, you can still get the game in Early Access for PC.

It can be purchased for $29.99 on Steam.

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