Pokemon GO Regirock Raid COUNTDOWN: Weaknesses, Counters and more ahead of TODAY'S release

Regirock is one of the three Legendary Regi Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 3 (Ruby and Sapphire) in the mainline Pokemon games.

It was a tough nut to crack in the main titles, and it's no easier to take down in Pokemon GO.

Regirock is supposed to go live in the game, today, Thursday, August 16 – usually from about 9pm. This will replace Registeel from the current Raid pool.

A leaked iPhone notification shared on the Silph Road Reddit also suggested that Regirock will stay until September 20th.

As per other Raids, you'll need to team up with other Pokemon GO users in order to take down the Titan – once you've weakened the rock monster, you'll be able to try and catch it.

Regirock is a good Pokemon to obtain – despite being weak to Water, Grass, Ground, Steel and Fighting, its hard-hitting attacks are strong and often devastating against Pokemon with a weakness to Rock types.

You may want to put together a team of powerful Machamp or Kyogres (if you've got them) as both Pokemon are particularly effective against Regirock.

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Regirock Stats

Regirock appears as a level 5 Legendary Raid Boss – that means it has a whopping 41777 Raid Boss CP, with pure Rock type stats.

The Regirock max capture combat power, as per PokemonGOHub:

  • 1764 CP at L20, perfect IVs
  • 2205 CP in Partly Cloudy weather at L25, perfect IVs

Regirock Moves

  • Rock Throw ROCK
  • Rock Smash FIGHTING
  • Stone Edge ROCK (1 bar, charged)
  • Focus Blast FIGHTING (1 bar, charged)
  • Zap Cannon ELECTRIC (1 bar, charged)

Best Regirock Counters

Your best bet in taking down Regirock is a team of Fighting Pokemon – they take less damage from the Titan's Rock attacks, meaning they'll last longer against the creature's astonishing offensive output.

The best bet is to have a team of Machamps, Hariyamas, Brelooms and Heracross going into the raid.

Be aware that Regirock can pack Zap Cannon, meaning Water-types can get hit hard… that said Kyogre and Vaporeon can dole out a lot of punishment so they are also worth considering.

Groudon with Solar Beam and Exeggutor are also good options for you.

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Regirock Raid Boss Tips & Tricks

PokemonGOHub has some great tips types can taking down the brutal Pokemon.

According to the site, you should:

  • Take advantage of FIGHTING types when battling against Regirock in Cloudy weather
  • To catch a weather boosted Regirock, raid during Partly Cloudy weather
  • A level 20, 100% IV Regirock will be 1764 CP, and weather boosted will be 2205 CP
  • Avoid using Pokémon that will take super effective damage, unless if they have a high CP and DPS value

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