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Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 Challenges should be going live in just under 30 minutes time for all Battle Royale players. And if you've managed to forget, these now go live at 2PM BST in the afternoon for everyone in the UK, not in the morning as they had previously done.

That's also 9am EST and 6AM PST for the sake of anyone reading this stateside.

Previously we'd outlined the main challenges players have to complete for week 6, but if you need an extra helping hand, we've now got two guides live.

One to assist with the 'Search where the Stone Heads are looking' challenge and another for the 'Complete timed trials' challenge.

Simply click on the link if you need help. And in addition, if you want to know where to look for the new Week 6 Secret Battle Star, we've got a guide for that too.

Stay tuned for more details…

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Original Story – Fortnite Challenges for Season 5 Week 6 are coming TOMORROW, Thursday, August 16th, and should be going live at the new Season 5 time of 2pm BST in the afternoon.

As with most weeks, the games latest challenges were leaked by dataminers earlier in the week and whilst it's not 100% official, there's a pretty solid chance that these leaked Week 6 Challenges will turn out to be correct.

That being said, you never know, maybe Epic Games will change them at the very last minute.

For the time being though, it looks as though a pretty straightforward week, with the only exception and possible question mark being one challenge which may have you racing around the race rack in an ATK.

We're bound to find out as soon as the challenges go live, but outside of this, it's your usual fare. Eliminate opponents here and Search chests there.

As for the week's other 'Hard' challenge worth 10 battle stars, it's as good as your typical 'Search Between…' challenge we see week on week, only this time asking players to locate the spot where all the big Easter Island heads are looking.

Keep reading for the full lowdown and stand by for confirmation tomorrow when the new challenges go live!

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Unlike in past seasons of Fortnite, the latest – Season 5 – introduced a new methodology to how weekly challenges would work.

Previously, weekly challenges were only available to Battle Pass holders, but now challenges are split with three weekly challenges for non-Battle Pass players and a further three only available to those with the seasonal Battle Pass.

For those who need a reminder, the Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, purchasable through in-game V-Bucks, which you either earn in-game (slowly) or through a singular paid microtransaction (a bundle of 1,000 V-Bucks costs roughly £8).

If you're wondering why you should bother completing these challenges? Well, it's simple. They help you gain extra XP and Battle Stars, which in turn allows your player to level up faster and obtain more free loot in the game. This includes skins, gliders, pickaxes, emotes and much more throughout the season.

You need to complete four of the seven challenges to get your bonus 4000 XP. The other three won't give you any extra XP, but will help you unlock a mystery loading screen that hides a secret Battle Star in the map.

This is the Fortnite Road Trip challenge (previously known as the Blockbuster challenge in Season 4).

Keep reading to find out what the new challenges are for the week ahead and details of how to complete past Season 5 challenges to help you level up that Battle Pass.

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Fortnite Week 5 Season 6 Challenges (August 16th 2018)

Free Challenges:

  • Deal Headshot Damage to opponents (5 Battle Stars)
  • Harvest building resources with a pickaxe (10 Battle Stars)
  • Search where the Stone Heads are looking (10 Battle Stars)

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Search Chests in Lonely Lodge (5 Battle Stars)
  • Complete timed trials (5 Battle Stars)
  • Minigun or Light Machine Gun Eliminations (10 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers (10 Battle Stars)


What were the previous Fortnite Season 5 Challenges?

If you missed a week and want to go back and complete some past challenges from Season 5, here's the list of what you've missed out on.

Plus some links to helpful guides to assist you with completing some of the more tricky weekly challenges.

Week 5 Challenges (August 9th 2018)

Week 4 Challenges (August 2nd 2018)

Week 3 Challenges (July 26th 2018)


Week 2 Challenges (July 19th 2018)

  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles to opponents (1000 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single match (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate opponents in Paradise Palms (HARD) (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Score a basket on different hoops (5 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search chests in Loot Lake (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search between an oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs (HARD) (1 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Sniper Rifle Eliminations (HARD) (2 total, 10 Battle Stars)

Week 1 Challenges (July 12th 2018)

  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search a Supply Llama (1 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade Eliminations (3 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search Chests in Snobby Shores (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search floating Lightning Bolts (7 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels (1 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)

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