Lauren Goodger (Picture: Getty Images)

Lauren Goodger has slammed her own fans for criticising her pictures.

The outspoken reality star took to Instagram to ask why her so-called fans follow her if she is only going to get stick for her pictures.

I have some of the horriblest followers. Its so weird I follow loads of insta models and they get no stick for being even more sexy or pouting. I dont get it? Why do you follow me? she asked in a series of text posts on Instagram.

Its like they dont understand my job? Or what I do? I post videos from photo shoot behind the scenes and its cringe? Or people dont get it, what Im posting, its so strange…please also remember this is insta and snap. I also have banter and pose a lot but so f*****g what?

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She then concluded: Thats not all of you, most of you are unreal and I love you.

The rant came after the 31-year-old was trolled over the cosmetic surgery she has undergone when she shared behind-the-scenes images from a photoshoot.

Many then also took to her comments after reading her angry diatribe, claiming her words are exactly why you get so much criticism and real instagram models do not as they do not reek of trying so hard and desperation.

Smell the coffee girl, one follower added.

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Your not a model (sic), said another.

The other women or models that pose are not desperate like you. They also do not look ridiculous and like they are trying so hard. HENCE why you get so much agg.

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