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God Of War (PS4) - not your typical sequel

God Of War – the best game since the Xbox 360 era?

The morning Inbox wants Bethesda to make a Nintendo Switch exclusive, as one reader wants suggestions for the best Switch downloads.

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Top three

A little late to the party here, but at least its given me something to get through the summer games drought. Ive just beaten the Queen of the Valkyrie on God Of War and I think Ive finally squeezed the last trips of entertainment out of it. And what can I say but what a game! I knew it was going to be good because of the reviews but having disliked the originals, and particularly the character of Kratos, I was still dubious.

But this really felt like gaming growing up, giving a one-dimensional edgelord of a character a real personality and emotions. I actually liked Kratos by the end of the game and I am shocked by that. I cant believe he actually took the moral high ground when Atreus went off on one and by the end he wanted to actively do good and help people.

That all sounds kind of sappy when I put it like that but in the game he still manages to be a total badass and yet very sympathetic too. And all of the story is got across with a minimum of cut scenes and exposition. I actually really liked listening to the head when youre rowing about, so much so that I would hang around just to hear the end.

Ive heard the term used a few times but my question is whether God Of War is the game of the generation? Its a real question too because I think the other main contenders would be Nintendo games and since I havent got a Switch I cant offer an opinion. But that makes God Of War at least top three, right?

Dishonourable discharge

I see that Dishonored has recently been described as resting for now, which translated probably means weve seen the last of it. Its a shame as both main games and Death Of The Outsider were all excellent and the Steampunk setting was genuinely different.

I do wonder how different things for the franchise might have been if the second one in particular had gotten a late summer release, when new games are a bit sparse, rather than a congested November.

A bigger concern might be the fate of Arkane Studios in the long run, as I dont think Prey was particularly successful either. If they survive Id imagine their next effort will be some kind of multiplayer only game as a service, Im just not expecting it to be either of those two.

GC: Youre probably right on most counts, although we think Arkane will be given a fair chance with some multiplayer-featured games before being put at risk.

Double dipping

Does anyone else do this? Please tell me yes. I own a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One. Sometimes, if its a good bargain, I buy a game I already own because I like a bargain.

So far, off the top of my head, I have two copies of Evil Within, Diablo III, Batman: Arkham Origins, Tomb Raider (both of em), Prey, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, BioShock Trilogy, Shadow of Mordor, and honestly I could go on and on. I like the convenience of digital sales but its feeding my compulsive need to bag a bargain. Please tell me Im not alone.
TheRatman5469 (gamertag)/TheRatman (PSN ID)

GC: You mean a game you already own but only physically, yes?



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Download list

I have recently invested in a Switch and think it is amazing. Im looking to download some indie games like Yokus Island Express and Axiom Verge. Which out of Hollow Knight, Salt And Sanctuary, or Dead Cells would you recommend?

Are there any decent arcade shooters like R-Type, Gradius, Hellfire, Thunder Force, etc. Is there any likelihood of a compilation of shooters or would it mean to many companies getting involved?

GC: All those indie games you mention are good, but wed give the slight edge to Hollow Knight. 2D shooters arent a Switch speciality but it does have Ikaruga, Strikers 1945 II, Steredenn: Binary Stars, and a few arcade/Neo Geo ports like Metal Slug and Terra Cresta. We love the idea of a 2D shooter compilation featuring different franchise but couldnt see it ever happening.

Curb your enthusiasm

What I liked about the new gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption II is that Rockstar clearly forked out for a better narrator than the one they used for GTA Onlines reveal. Remember that? The woman was hilariously robotic.

This-is-a-game-that-will-have-things-in-it-and-places-that-you-can-go. There-will-be-things-you-can-do-and-innovatively-innovative-gameplay. Thats probably enough hyphens for one day. Needless to say, the womans enthusiasm was infectious.

GC: Were not sure its not just the same one but with new batteries.

The odd couple

I didnt realise Doom Eternal was already announced for Switch, that is an impressive amount of support Bethesda is showing for Nintendo. Of all the third companies around I never wouldve matched those two up, but its nice to see. But what Id really like is if Bethesda did something exclusive for Switch, like Ubisoft has done on occasion.

I dont know what kind of game that would be but maybe some kind of immersive sim (I know GC hate that term, but at least you know what I mean!) but with a more colourful, comedic angle? Maybe thats what Arkane could do as their next project, now that Dishonored seems to be dead?

Id also really like to see the Skyrim avatar in Super Smash Bros. Although Id also really like to see a Dark Souls rep as well and I dont know that theyd do both. Maybe the compromise could be Doomguy and Solaire of Astora?

Music to your ears

On Dakkas requests for which Castlevanias to play, personally I would recommend just sticking to Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, and pretty much any of the Game Boy Advance titles. Those were really good on average.

Just in response to Dakkas letter RE: Castlevania. If you have an Xbox 360, Symphony Of The Night is available on there. Or its on backwards compatibility on Xbox One!



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Already happened

Just wondering what everyones predictions will be as to when we will hear about developers being sent PlayStation 5 development kits?

My guess is around late 2020 mid 2021 as the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro will of lost their momentum and next gen will be much closer. Although this is still far off it wont be long before we see PlayStation 5 games in the very early stages of development.

I must admit though that I cant see Sony offering PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility unless they use their games streaming service, although it should be possible to at least run digital versions of PlayStation format classics.

One thing I am really curious about though is what hardware architecture Sony will be using in the PlayStation 5 development kits when they eventually do ship these out.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: Rumours suggest they were sent out to some studios earlier this year.

Inbox also-rans

A question for GC or any readers. If you could choose 4K HDR or a locked 60fps on current consoles which would you pick? I have a 4K TV but find 60fps has a genuine impact on gameplay so would choose that.

Insurgency is currently free on Steam at time of writing (Tuesday evening).
Andrew J.
PS: That was interesting news about The Chinese Room being bought by Sumo. I quite like Everybodys Gone To The Rapture and Dear Esther.
Currently playing: Yokus Island Express, NieR: Automata and Ace Attorney: Spirit Of Justice

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Franky, who asks whats the one game annoucement you never expect to hear?

With Gamescom coming up next week whats the one thing youre confident wont be revealed? Whether its a sequel, reboot, or some kind of hardware annoucement what do you think is the least likely, without being completely silly.

What annoucement have you given up any hope of hearing about and why do you think itll never happen? Whats the most surprised youve ever been by an annoucement and how did the final product turn out?

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