I finally managed to watch the “Riverdale” Season Two finale, and it couldnt have been much better.

Its truly incredible how this random show on The CW has turned into such a cultural phenomenon for people under the age of 30.

Im a dude who loves beer and football, and yet, “Riverdale” has proven to be incredibly entertaining for me. You know youre doing something right as a production team if you create a show that both women and your hardcore football fans love.

Season Two, inspired by the Archie comics, was nothing short of amazing. We had tons of bloodshed, intrigue, hot women, all hell breaking loose and a nonstop sense of impending doom. I like living life on the edge, and this show is all about that mentality. (RELATED: REMEMBER WHEN I SAID RIVERDALE WAS AWFUL? THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A BAD CALL)

Naturally, cant have “Riverdale” without a major twist ending. We got that and then some when Archie got framed and arrested for a murder committed by one of Hiram Lodges goons. Who saw that coming? I certainly didnt. You know the writing is solid when they set up the twist a dozen or so episodes earlier.

We all saw Jughead becoming the head of the Serpents, which wasnt unexpected but still fun to finally see.

You never really know how long a show like “Riverdale” will last, but I have a feeling that were in for a very long run.

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