Swimsuit model Mia Kang might be known for her curves and spreads in Sports Illustrated nowadays, but her life used to be much different when she was a size 2.

Kang appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today” on Wednesday to explain her battle with an eating disorder, and her recollections shocked the audience. (RELATED: Modern Family Actress Looks Unrecognizable After Dramatic Weight Loss [PHOTOS])

“I was so delusional about what was normal. I never ate meals,” she said. “I would snack here and there to keep myself going. Otherwise, I would try to stick to liquids. I would eat in front of people when I had to – but by myself I never ate meals.”

Kang recently got a lot of attention for posting a before and after photo of herself in Instagram. In one photo, shes a size two and tried to “remain as thin as possible” by eating nothing but black coffee, laxatives, diuretics and vitamins. In the more current photo, shes a size 8 and competes as a professional fighter.

“We have the pleasure of having fluctuating bodies. Enjoy your curves, enjoy being a WOMAN. Be healthy and be confident,” she says.


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