Most of us can only dream of forging a career with our best mate – but Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills have made it a reality.

After meeting on Facebook via mutual friends a few years ago and liking the cut of each others digital jib, the pair quickly joined forces as MCs, creating their own hugely popular sell-out events as Those Two Girls, featuring the likes of Mia Freedman and Zoe Foster Blake.

Those Two Girls: Sarah Wills and Lise Carlaw.

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Within three years, they landed their first local radio show and today theyre fronting their own national daily radio show for the Hit Network. Not. Too. Shabby.

Its easy to see why success has come quickly for them. In a medium that too often makes others the butt of the joke, Those Two Girls always aim high. Their smart, self-deprecating humour is second only to their unfakable yin and yang. Think Hamish and Andy…minus the Y-chromosomes.

Next month, Lise and Sarah are going back to their roots with their first Those Two Girls event of 2018. In the meantime, I caught up with them to get a bit pervy on their reading stacks and browser history…


What are the first websites you visit in the morning?

Lise: Instagram and Facebook, plus national and local news sites to give us an idea of what's happened overnight while we were catching Zs before the 3.30am alarm.

Whats your tried and tested productivity hack or app?

Sarah: CellOPark is the best everyday app for Brisbane locals who regularly use parking meters. You just scan the QR code on the meter and it withdraws money from your account. Never worry about collecting small change again!

Receipt Bank is the modern-day app version of a shoebox of receipts that you or your accountant can access anytime.

Lise: We are also fans of RAIZ, which is a financial round-up app where every transaction you make is rounded-up to the nearest dollar and saved and invested. (You never even miss those cents but they do add up!) I am using it to save for a family trip to Fiji, but Sarah keeps withdrawing hers once it hits $100 because she has the patience of a toddler.

Your favourite person on social media?

Sarah: As if spending 40 hours a week together isn't enough, we're both each other's fave person on social media. Next in line would be Aussies Celeste Barber, Sophie Monk, and Zoe Foster Blake.

The thing everyone loves but you?

Lise: I hate Alice in Wonderland.

Sarah: I cannot stand music festivals.

The self-help book that actually helped?

Lise: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I read it in my early 20s and the analogy of the rubber band and the man-cave provided so much clarity as to how men operate. It's also why a shed was a non-negotiable when we bought a house. I also found Sarah Wilson's book First We Make the Beast Beautiful incredibly insightful as a tool to better understand people in my life who've experienced depression and anxiety.

Sarah: I'm not really a self-help book kinda lady. (But people keep gifting me cookbooks so perhaps that's indicative of an area in my life needing help.)

Whats on your reading stack right now?

Lise:The Motherhood by Jamila Rizvi.

Sarah:Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart, and The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris.

What do you consider to be the golden rule(s) to make any book club a success?

Lise: Don't be part of one. Too much pressure and we do far too much talking as it is.

The article that made you think?

Lise: The New York Times's bestselling author Brendon Burchard's Interview Your Loved Once Before Theyre Gone. It's a beautiful guide of 32 questions to ask the people you love about their life before they die.

Sarah: Im always drawn to anything written by local Brisbane columnist and author Frances Whiting, and have loved her writing since I was 17 years old. One moment youre laughing aloud at a silly story, the next youre smacked with something poignant and touching. Its a real skill.

Favourite podcasts?

Lise: No Filter by Mia Freedman, Dirty John, WILOSOPHY by Wil Anderson and The Pineapple Project.

Sarah: Conversations by Richard Fidler, Chat 10 Looks 3 by Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb, and You Gotta Start Somewhere by Rachel Corbett.

We probably should add ours – Those Two Girls Catchup but disclaimer: we are heavily biased.

The person/celebrity you wish hosted their own show (TV, podcast, etc) but doesnt currently?

Sarah: Tara Pavlovic from the most recent Bachelor in Paradise series. She's an absolute corker and along the lines of Sophie Monk. Self-deprecating, good humoured, light-hearted, and that's the stuff that makes us tick.

What are you streaming right now?

Lise: The Handmaid's Tale (SBS), Undateable Me (Netflix).

Rachel Weisz (48) and Daniel Craig (50) recently announced that they're expecting their first child together. Would you like to see more high profile couples speak openly about how they conceived later in life or is it none of our business?

Sarah: To be honest, if you can guarantee a child love and security for its lifetime, then how it enters your arms shouldn't matter.

Former Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon, is running for Governor of New York. What's your take on celebrities entering politics and is there an Aussie you would like to see enter the political arena?

Lise: America does have a long history of Hollywood types crossing over into politics, and just because Cynthia is currently best known from SATC doesn't mean she can't have go at political life and wear another hat. Why not? Life is short. Have a go.

Sarah: From an Australian perspective, who could say no to voting Tom Gleeson in? Imagine HARD CHAT in Parliament. What a gift.

For tickets to their upcoming show, TWO (S)TOOLS, click here.

Catch Early Breakfast with Those Two Girls weekday mornings nationally from 5-6am on the Hit Network…or if early alarms arent your thing, download their podcast.

They can also be found serving up the LOLs on Facebook and Instagram

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