A heroic canine from the Mesa, Ariz. area is getting national attention after it helped to save its dog friends life this week.

According to local news outlet Fox 5, “Smokey and Remus, the dog buddies, were reportedly getting rambunctious earlier this month at their home in Mesa, Ariz. And at some point, Smokey fell into the family pool. The dog is seen struggling to get out while Remus was pacing along the side. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the dog out of the water, Remus can be seen jumps into the pool to give his buddy a nudge.”

The video is really a sight to behold.

“So Remus and Smokey got a little rambunctious,” Facebook user Laurie Sorsen Becerra, who uploaded the video, wrote. “Smokey can swim just not well ( as video shows ) watch video all the way to end.Jay recorded this off our security camera when he saw Smokey all wet ! Remus May be a crazy pup but hes got a heart of gold !! My hero. Please no back lash jay was in house for few minutes and they must have come thru fence. They play around pool all the time with no incidence.”

Since it was uploaded, the clip has gotten over 175,000 views and 1,000 likes. This video is proof that dogs are the best creatures on earth and we as humans should feel lucky to have them.

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