Sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction.

Thats at least the case with Nxivm, the sex cult allegedly run by motivational speaker and supposed womens rights activist Keith Raniere and his sidekick Allison Mack.

If Macks name sounds familiar, thats probably because it is. Mack played the key female protagonist Chloe in CWs long-running Superman series, “Smallville.”

Both Mack and Raniere were arrested in Mexico and brought back to the United States on alleged sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy charges. But as they await their separate trials, one television production company is wasting no time in cooking up a show about Nxivm.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a company called Annapurna Television is working on a TV docuseries that will loosely follow the actual events that took place with Nxivm.

The hope is to detail “what happens when women who join what theyre told is a secret sisterhood created to empower them find themselves psychologically enthralled and horrifically sexually enslaved to its leader — and their flesh branded with his initials,” The Hollywood Reporter says.

Although no network has officially signed on to carry the series, a few big names are rumored to be working on the show. Shannon Woodward of “Westworld” is reportedly producing the show with the help of Megan Ellison, Sue Naegle and Susan Goldberg.

No date has been set for a potental premiere, but you can bet this show will be hyped as shocking details involving the real-life sex cult continue to surface.

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