The hit HBO show “Westworld” has somehow managed to get brought into the #MeToo and Times Up debate.

Bad Robot TV chief Ben Stephenson was asked about how the #MeToo movement has changed casting and decision making by The Hollywood Reporter, and he went of the rails about “Westworld.”

Stephenson said:

Westworld is an amazing example. I suspect something that people didnt realize was that, in the end, so much of that show is about Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Woods [characters] talking about and standing up against the men who have been abusing them — in a way thats obviously incredibly entertaining but also has pretty profound, complex things to say.

This is so painfully bad that it honestly hurts. Its so stupid for two major reasons. The first one is that the plot behind “Westworld” comes from the 1970s when the original movie came out. That was decades before the whole #MeToo movement was a thing. As for the current version of “Westworld,” the show was put into production five years ago. So, his timeline doesnt even come close to matching up with reality, which is ironic because “Westworld” is all about multiple timelines.

The second point is that Dolores, the main woman doing the killing, isnt doing selective killing. Shes killing everything she can get her hands on, including one fellow robot host. Perhaps, we just take a step back and view Dolores and Maeve as badass killing machines. Why does there have to be an extra meaning to fit with a cultural movement?

There are also women in the leadership at the Westworld park, who are supposed to be the villains. This whole statement makes no sense.

We should all stop picking events and twisting them to fit our narrative. How about we all just grab beer, pop some popcorn and enjoy the damn show? Its not difficult to figure out.

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