Comedian Kristina Wong ignited controversy Tuesday by tweeting about how she dreams of Donald Trump dying Monday.

Wong tweeted at first lady Melania Trump:

I cant imagine what it feels like for George HW Bush to be a widow but Melania, I dream of the day you will be a widow all too often.

— Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong) April 24, 2018

Wong is a comedian and writer. She is not the same person as Breitbart News reporter Kristina Wong.

The comedian and writer has been responding to critics of her tweet with defiance.

Hey MAGA! Hows that GRASPING AT STRAWS thing going for you? Maybe you should all focus on doing things like living life or coming for your boy Trump before he totally gets us into World War Tweet.

— Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong) April 24, 2018

Haha… MAGA folks are reporting me to the FBI for my tweet to Melania. Um… I think they are kind of busy investigating Michael Cohen right now… what you can do is tell the FBI about my music video shot in Uganda…

— Kristina Wong (@mskristinawong) April 24, 2018

Since Trumps election, a number of artists and celebrities have expressed violent fantasies about President Trump. Kathy Griffin infamously starred in a video depicting her holding a fake severed head of Trump. (RELATED: Theyre All Psychos — Kathy Griffin Attacks The Trump Family)

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