Americas darling Taylor Swift is having a hard time selling tickets for her upcoming “Reputation” tour. Its pretty shocking and even some ticket vendors have expressed concern over her seemingly dwindling popularity.

Her tour begins early next month and with mere weeks until the kickoff, its not looking good. Ticket Master has already slashed its prices by 19 percent and is promoting a tax day special – which is pretty ironic because theres a 0% chance that most of Taylor Swifts fans pay any taxes at all.

To put things into perspective, not one venue has sold out yet. Not one. And the tour kicks off in 3 weeks. Some tickets are selling for $66. Not good.

And to make things worse, Taylor Swift fans who already bought concert tickets are pretty bummed that they missed out on the promotions. One went as far as calling the promo a “scam.”

Not good for Taylor. Not good at all. This might just be the beginning of the end. A few months back, I wrote about a similar thing that happened to Katy Perry. She was having such a hard time selling tickets to her abysmal “Witness The Tour” tour that she actually started selling them on Groupon. Thats right. Groupon.

Listen. Im not on team Taylor and Im not on team Katy. I think both of them are vastly overrated and little more than outlets for people to channel their inner broken-hearted teenage rage into. Most of the time, I dont have a problem with Taylor when she keeps her mouth shut. But when she cherry picks drama and tries to get good PR by playing the victim, it crosses a line for me.

So Taylors got two options here. She can either take her dwindling popularity with grace or she can play up the sadness of it and lean in. Maybe write a song about it. My moneys on her choosing the latter but she could surprise us. I guess well just have to wait a few weeks to find out.

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