Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is currently getting grilled by congress, and it really has me wondering how much more fun this would be with Erlich Bachman.

Bachman is the lovable loser of a character in the hit show “Silicon Valley.” He might be clueless, but hes also arrogant and hilarious. The founder of Aviato would never allow himself to be questioned by mere mortals like elected officials.

He would be out here roasting these fools.

Its really too bad T.J. Miller, the actor behind the legendary character, is off the show because their rendition of these events would have been hilarious. The writing would have been pure gold. I guess well just never know what could have been.

Also, this whole charade with Zuckerberg is ridiculous. The man is a billionaire and answering to people who make less than $200,000 a year. Give me a break. He should have flipped them the bird and flown back home.

The man changed the world, and is answering to a group of people that is overwhelmingly unimpressive. I would also never sit through this garbage if I was worth $60 billion and founded a website that changed our universe. How Zuckerberg has allowed this to happen is beyond me.

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