Black Anzac
NITV, 7.30pm

There's a bit of a conversation going on right now about who has the right to tell the stories of other cultures, particularly in regard to our Indigenous people and heritage. Here, thoroughly white street artist Hego becomes obsessed with the stories of the "black Anzacs" – Indigenous men who fought at Gallipoli and other theatres during WWI – and wants to create a giant mural on a prominent corner in Redfern in order to honour them, and specifically to coincide with both the centenary of the war and the Coloured Diggers march being organised for Anzac Day. The way he goes about it is instructive, and one of the things that shines through here is the generous spirit of sharing on both sides of the racial divide as Hego gets local elders, white authority, and the family of the man he wants to depict on board to make the whole thing happen. Along the way we get a neat little potted history of the Black Anzacs themselves (as with most of our black history, it's pretty depressing) and if the contribution from other street artists feels a bit superfluous (one of them is like a caricature straight from Bondi Hipsters) the artwork itself is terrific and the conversation it stimulates is incredibly valuable. MH

Melbourne Comedy Festival: Upfront – The Queens Of Comedy
ABC Comedy, 8.30pm

We've certainly come a long way from "chicks aren't funny". This year's Melbourne Comedy Festival has featured a huge number and variety of female comics from around the world and some of the best are featured in this special. Geraldine Quinn's Spandex Ballet hosts from the Melbourne Town Hall as a bunch of favourites strut their stuff including Becky Lucas, Geraldine Hickey, Urzila Carlson, and Celia Pacquola. MH

The Pink Panther, 1963.

Photo: Kerrie O'Brien


Rocky Mountain Railroad

Black ANZAC, Hego mural.

Photo: Kerrie O'Brien


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