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CD Projekt RED is making another RPG that isn’t Cyberpunk 2077
Maybe this is Ciri getting her own game?

Fans of the The Witcher 3 have even more to look forward to, but CD Projekt’s secret new game might not be out until 2021.

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It’s pretty clear that CD Projekt are a company that plans ahead. Yesterday they hinted that Cyberpunk 2077 – a game they first announced in 2012 – might be released on not just current consoles but the next gen as well.

And today they’ve re-confirmed that they have a second secret project in development that’ll be out somewhere between now and the space year 2021.

This isn’t the first time they’ve ever mentioned the new, err… project but they have now clarified that it’s a triple-A story-driven role-playing game.

CD Projekt are being unusually talkative at the moment because they’ve been announcing their financial results to their investors, although this particular titbit came in a written management report [warning: PDF].


The game, whatever it is, was mentioned in a similar context in a 2015 report but CD Projekt has never referred to it in public.

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The question now is what exactly the game is. They’ve repeatedly said they’re not doing a Witcher 4 but have been more open to the idea of other games set in the same universe – so that’s got to be the most obvious guess.

It would be a bit odd to work on a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 if the original isn’t even finished, so the other likelihood is something completely new.

Whatever it is we don’t think fans are going to complain at any new role-playing game from CD Projekt RED.

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