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Sea Of Thieves announces first ever open Beta as launch date nears
Sea Of Thieves has launched its first ever public Beta (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

If you hadn’t heard, Rare is back (making games). And, they’ve so far managed to attract some serious plaudits for their action-adventure multiplayer game, Sea Of Thieves.

And there’s more good news for all the would-be pirates out there as the game is set to have its first ever open Beta, meaning all those that missed out when sign-up came around for the closed rounds (and have presumably been watching the action via streams).

In fact it’s time to batten down the hatches, sharpen your sabre, and get ready for some plundering on the high seas as the event is already open.

Announcing the news earlier on today, Rare has made Sea Of Thieves available to all XBox and Windows 10 users until Sunday 11 March at 10am GMT.

What’s more the game has been expanded handsomely since the last closed beta, meaning that anyone playing over this weekend can sample a much wider selection of gameplay than there has been previously on offer.

Players can get into the pirates life over the weekend before the Beta closes at 10am on March 11 GMT (Credit: Microsoft Studios)
Players can get into the pirates life over the weekend before the Beta closes at 10am on March 11 GMT (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

Obviously raucous inter-ship combat is back, as are those fun treasure hunting missions courtesy of the Gold Hoarders Guild.

However, this final Beta also introduces additional high seas tomfoolery via the Merchant Alliance Guild.

These quests require players (shipmates) to collect animals from distant ports then ferry them back to safety. It’s not quite as straightforward as it sounds however, as you’ll also need to tend to the animals’ various whims and wants along the way.

Those attempting a more… honest life on the seas will also want to try and avoid having their cargo and ship plundered by bothersome pirates too.

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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Final Beta introduces the prize-giving, multi-crew tussle that is the Pirate Forts.

Watch out for that tell-tale skull cloud above a fort or island which indicates the chance of great rewards but also great risk, but what’s the risk? The clue’s in the cloud.

Aside from that you’ll also potentially have to deal with other players who have seen the signal. Will you work together or against each other to get the treasure? That’s the real question.

Following on from the final Beta, Sea Of Thieves will be available on both XBox and PC from March 20.

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