Melbourne radio personality Kate Langbroek says the "system is broken" and the crime problem needs urgent action after she was involved in a violent attack outside her St Kilda home.

Langbroek was putting her children to bed on Friday night when her babysitter banged on her door, claiming a man tried to get into her car.

Langbroek and her husband Peter went outside and had a confrontation with the man.

"He was on us, like violent raving, and tried to open the front gate. We got into this tussle over the gate," she told Nine's Today program on Thursday.

A terrified Langbroek realised she'd left the front door open and ran to slam it shut.

"I braced the door with my leg fortunately because a couple of seconds later he tried to kick the front door in."

The media personality said crime is growing in St Kilda, with the next street a "hell hole" for residents.

"They're having stuff thrown at them. There's drug dealing blatantly in the street. There's a trail of zombies going up there to get their drugs or whatever," she said.

She said the government has been unable to solve the problem.

"As I said to our local member Martin Foley, the vulnerable now are normal people who are trying to walk their kids to school through this hell hole that is of your creation. You have done this to our neighbourhood where people are trying to live lives," she said.

"My taxes are supporting this guy who is trying to kick my front door in, and my taxes are paying for the cops to come to try and sort him out, and then my taxes are paying judges and magistrates who are letting them out. It is not right."

Foley said in a statement on Wednesday what happened was "unacceptable".

Police confirmed a man has been charged and will face court in May.

Australian Associated Press


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