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Twitter has been set ablaze in recent days after a certain female rapper posted some photos that supposedly looked like the first lady’s “doppelgänger.”

It started at New York Fashion Week several days ago, when she rolled up in a green wig and something reminiscent of a painter’s suit.

Leaving my bestie baby @themarcjacobs fabulous show

— Lil’ Kim (@LilKim) February 17, 2018

Yasss Melania Trump!!!

— LilKimRoyal (@LilKimBHive) February 17, 2018

She also wore a chinchilla coat and a wig that made her look more like Ursula from the Little Mermaid than our First Lady.

What is seen cannot be unseen Is Lil’ Kim actually Melania Trump???? Notice how Melania is never photographed in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn .

— Charles St. Anthony (@kingcharles0921) February 26, 2018

But the observations raged on when she debuted a Balenciaga jacket.

I love lil’ Kim but she looking like Melania

— Jesse Alfaro (@the_alfaro) February 17, 2018

Conspiracy theory: Lil Kim and Melania Trump are the same person

— JRH (@5OShades0fJay) February 26, 2018

This might be the most absurd idea I’ve heard all day. The fact that people actually seem convinced that Melania Trump and Lil Kim might be the same person — let alone look alike — is legitimately insane. The only similarity they share is the fact that they’re both female and have long hair. That’s it. I’ve never once seen Melania in a green wig before, and I’ve never seen Lil Kim anywhere near the White House. It would be more convincing to argue that Lil Kim looks like a transgender hippopotamus. Not our classy and beloved First Lady.

Melania is in a league of her own. And nobody can rival that.

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