Better known for his macho A-Team role, it appears these days Mr T is more "pumped" watching the Winter Olympics, and one sport in particular – curling.

The 65-year-old star, who rose to fame playing BA Baracus in the hit US TV drama series, has been following the Games closely and tweeting his thoughts throughout.

He has admitted watching events he never thought he would watch before, "like curling. You heard me, curling Fool!"

The celebrity has been rooting for the US teams, but has been impressed by athletes all-round, tweeting: "I like tough competition, but I also like to see good sportsmanship. Just do your best, give it all you got, and then shake hands when it's over."

He says you never lose if you try, in fact, he pities the fool who won't even try.

Here are some of Mr T's most enthusiastic tweets about the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, so far, including one where he blamed the US men's curling team for losing because of "too much jibber jabber".

It all started when he watched curling for the first time…

I am really Pumped watching the Winter Olympics. I am watching events I never thought I would watch before, like curling. You heard me, curling Fool!

— Mr. T (@MrT) 11 February 2018

He quickly became impressed with the sport…

Curling is kind of different, but it’s Exciting. It’s not as easy as it looks. It takes some skills that’s for sure. I like it!

— Mr. T (@MrT) 11 February 2018

Let me tell you something, you may not win, but you never lose if you try. Nothing beats a failure, but a try!
I Pity The Fool who won’t even Try!

— Mr. T (@MrT) 13 February 2018

He was happy about how much he was learning from curling…

Canada defeated Norway in the semi-finals, and Won the Gold medal in the finals vs Switzerland in mixed doubles curling.. I really like curling and I’m learning a lot. #Hurryhard#curlingiscoolfool

— Mr. T (@MrT) 14 February 2018

He particularly enjoys the "little broom" which reminds him of his Swiffer Sweeper…

Like I said before, Curling is not as easy as it looks. I must be honest with you.. That little broom reminds me of my Swiffer Sweeper! I’m just saying…

— Mr. T (@MrT) 14 February 2018

But he still admits it's a delicate sport, not like when he was a bouncer…

Anyways, I see curling as a finesse sport, more straight and controlled strength. Not brute strength, like when I was a bouncer, oh no!

— Mr. T (@MrT) 14 February 2018

Mr T also thinks curling is less wear and tear than what he is used to, and therefore "chooses" curling. Is he hinting at a change of career, perhaps?…

I like curling, it’s less wear and tear on the body. I wrestled, boxed, and studied martial arts. I have nothing else to prove. Therefore I choose curling. #curlingiscoolfool

— Mr. T (@MrT) 14 February 2018

He was really excited to settle down for the USA to take on Canada…

Getting comfortable on my couch preparing to watch Woman’s Curling- Defending Olympic champion Canada takes on the US. Go USA Go!!

— Mr. T (@MrT) 17 February 2018

Come on Ladies we need more Offense! Let’s go Nina! We can Win this!

— Mr. T (@MrT) 17 February 2018

But he wasn't mad at Nina after the loss…

More from Winter Olympics 2018

That’s alright Nina, you tried! Canada was the best tonight, Congrats. Hold your heads up high ladies, you’re down but you’re not out! #curlingiscoolfool

— Mr. T (@MrT) 18 February 2018

However, he was little less forgiving of the men…

Oh well, the US men's team lost to Norway. Too much jibber jabber. Just get set and throw the stone.. got to be more aggressive! Congrats to Norway! #curlingiscoolfool

— Mr. T (@MrT) 19 February 2018

No doubt he will continue to explore his new-found passion for curling, "You heard me, curling Fool!"

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