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US big freeze: Temperatures plummet to -37C

Temperatures have plummeted to -37C as the US Midwest and Northeast is hit by a record Arctic blast...

Trump First President Since Eisenhower Not to Visit California in First Year

The Los Angeles Times points out an odd bit of presidential trivia as 2017 comes to a close: Preside..

Blue State Blues: The Democrats Have ‘Nightmare Envy’

The Harvard literary scholar Philip Fisher coined the phrase “nightmare envy” to describe the peculi..

Family suing Alaska Airlines, contractor for woman’s fall down airport escalator

A Washington state family is suing Alaska Airlines and a contractor for allegedly neglecting to prop..

100 days after Hurricane Maria, San Juan mayor thanks Americans, slams the president

On the 100-day mark since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz cal..

Opioid crisis: ‘Drug companies lobbying contributed to demand among doctors’

Culture is contributing to the opioid crisis in the US; drug companies ease supply, and lobbying rai..

2017 could have been year Russia and US made up. Now they stand on...

On this day 12 months ago, Moscow held off from retaliating to Barack Obama's diplomatic partin..

Trump says the cold east coast ‘could use a little’ global warming

Published time: 29 Dec, 2017 11:18 Trump says the east coast of the US could “use a little bit of..

‘The media will tank if I’m not there,’ so they have to let me...

US President Donald Trump has pinned his hopes for a second term as president on the US media, sayin..

12 dead in massive apartment fire in New York City

At least 12 people, including a 1-year-old infant, have died in a massive apartment fire in New York..

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