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How celebrities are celebrating Christmas 2017

With Christmas Day well underway, many stars have opened their presents, spent time with loved ones,..

‘Secret Santa’ who gifted horse manure to Mnuchin likens himself to Jesus

Dropping horse manure as a Christmas gift to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was a Jesus-like a..

Legal US marijuana sales up 30% in 2017 – report

Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 23:07 Legal cannabis sales in the US have seen a sharp increase this..

Stalled Las Vegas Resort Construction Reborn After Passage of President Donald Trump’s Tax Reform

A multibillion-dollar Las Vegas resort that had skidded to a halt over the economy, regulations, and..

Redding Gun Store Manager: Californians Will Find Ways Around ‘Tyrannical’ Gun Controls

DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty byAWR Hawkins24 Dec 20170 24 Dec, 201724 Dec, 2017 Jones Fort manager ..

Naked Mailman Goes Postal — Allegedly Kills Supervisor, Postmaster

Photo: KXXV Video Screenshot byBob Price24 Dec 2017Dublin, OH0 24 Dec, 201724 Dec, 2017 A U.S. po..

Trump Administration Moves to Protect Children, Not ‘Tear Families Apart’

The Trump Administration is reportedly considering a policy change that will protect children being ..

Border Patrol Agents Deliver Baby at Texas Border

Photo: U.S. Border Patrol byBob Price23 Dec 2017Mission, TX0 23 Dec, 201723 Dec, 2017 Border Patr..

5 killed after plane attempted takeoff at airport ‘socked in with fog’

Five people died after a twin-engine plane trying to take off in heavy fog crashed at the end of a r..

Teen allegedly killed girlfriend’s parents, who reportedly worried he was a neo-Nazi

A Virginia teen was charged with two counts of murder Saturday after allegedly fatally shooting his ..

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