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Cryptocurrency has been great for GPU makers—that might change soon

Enlarge / Mostly bare shelves in the graphics card case at a Washington, DC, Best Buy in January.Tim..

How a “location API” allows cops to figure out where we all are in...

EnlargeJaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images The digital privacy world was rocked late Thursday ev..

Check out this surreal chat with Theranos investor who says hes “thrilled”

Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes. Max Morse for TechCrunch In yet another jaw-dropping inte..

Stephen Hawking service ‘open to time travellers’

Professor Stephen Hawking's memorial service may see a few time-travelling guests who are yet t..

Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket into space

Elon Musks fledgling aerospace company SpaceX has bounced back from its failure to launch this week,..

Dealmaster: TCLs new Roku TVs are here, so the old one is down to...

Enlarge / TCL looks to be clearing out inventory on last year's Roku TVs. TCL has announced a o..

Another email about privacy and data? Here’s why

"Updates to our privacy policy", "Stay connected", "Data law changes": You have probably had lots of..

NASA plans to send mini-helicopter to Mars

NASA plans to send a small, unmanned helicopter to Mars that could boost our understanding of the Re..

Syfy has canceled The Expanse, but its producers want to find it a new...

Enlarge / Grace Lynn Kung as Doris (L), Terry Chen as Praxidike Meng (R).Rafy/Syfy Season three of t..

After “crazy hard” development, SpaceXs Block 5 rocket has taken flight

Enlarge / The Block 5 version of the Falcon 9 rocket launches on Friday.SpaceX For most watching the..

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