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Twitter suspends accounts of far-right British group retweeted by Trump

Twitter suspended accounts belonging to the far-right group Britain First, shortly after updating it..

Oh snap: How a shrimp closes its claws fast enough to vaporize water

EnlargeChristian Gloor The mantis shrimp, which isn't a shrimp, gets a lot of attention for its..

EU and Mexico make big push for trade deal

The EU and Mexico are making a big diplomatic heave to secure a preliminary trade deal before Christ..

How Hotmail changed Microsoft (and email) forever

Enlarge/ The many lives of Hotmail. Sean Gallagher Twenty years ago this week—on December 29, 1997— ..

Chrome OS 64 beta allows Android apps to run in the background

Enlarge/ Pixelbook folded into "entertainment" mode.Valentina Palladino Smoothly running Android app..

WhatsApp will stop working on a lot of smartphones from New Year’s Day 2018

A lot of old phones are about to feel even older Credit: Getty WhatsApp is about to stop working on ..

Wolf Moon supermoon to light up the night sky on New Year’s Day 2018

The last supermoon is known as the Cold Moon and took place earlier in December Danny Lawson/PA Wire..

Boris Johnson to Russia: We’ll hack you back

The U.K. is “prepared and able” to retaliate against Russia’s cyberattacks “should we so desire,” Br..

European labor wins battle, not war, against Uber

PARIS — Not long ago, Uber and its all-conquering digital platform were poised to take over Europe a..

Uber is a transportation company, Europe’s highest court rules

Uber’s global juggernaut has finally met its match. Europe’s highest court on Wednesday dealt the r..

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Peru’s ex-leader Fujimori asks for forgiveness amid heated protests

Fujimori was serving a 25-year prison sentence for human rights abuses when the current President pa..