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Legendary scientist at lab that developed atomic bomb dies

Scientist Nerses "Krik" Krikorian, who was born a refugee and later became a legend in the once-secr..

UK teen gets 2 years for targeting CIA chief’s phone, email

A British teenager has been sentenced to two years in a youth detention center for compromising the ..

WikiLeaks, Russia, Trump Jr. named in new DNC hacking lawsuit

Enlarge/ Tom Perez, the head of the DNC, helped orchestrate this new lawsuit.Gage Skidmore The Democ..

Capcom reminds us why “games-as-a-service” suck, announces end of Puzzle Fighter

Enlarge/ RIP Puzzle Fighter, 2017-2018.Capcom The games-as-a-service graveyard grew one larger this ..

“Drupalgeddon2” touches off arms race to mass-exploit powerful Web servers

EnlargeTorkild Retvedt Attackers are mass-exploiting a recently fixed vulnerability in the Drupal co..

Team backed by Microsoft co-founder locates USS Helena wreck

A Microsoft co-founder's mission to locate sunken warships in the South Pacific has chalked up ..

Tracking the river: Mississippi model may help save coast

Scientists working on new ways to battle the erosion that threatens Louisiana's coastline have ..

A new digital platform could save the NHS £1bn every year

Depending on who you ask, the UKs National Health Service is one of two things. Either, its the prid..

NYC blasts broadband competition shortage as it pursues suit against Verizon

Enlarge/ New York, USA – January 14, 2016: A Verizon worker on Worth street in Lower Manhattan.Getty..

Four publishers must change in-game loot boxes to avoid Dutch gambling laws

Enlarge/ Is this essentially the same as a kid buying a box of car skins in Rocket League?Getty Four..

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