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Exclusive: Valve walks us through Artifacts new demo, leaves us wanting more

Enlarge / Getting one's Artifact on.Valve Software Editor's note: This feature's two..

Lawsuit lays bare Israel-made hack tools in Mideast, Mexico

One day late last year, Qatari newspaper editor Abdullah Al-Athbah came home, removed the SIM card f..

Experts debunk 5 common myths about getting struck by lightning

A Missouri man became the 17th person in the U.S. and the second person in the state to die after be..

Next big thing in gadgets to be showcased in tech show

GETTY TECH: IFA show gadget round-up It showcases the future technology that is set to revoluti..

Experts meet at new UN-hosted talks about ‘killer robots’

Experts from scores of countries are meeting to discuss ways to define and deal with "killer robots"..

Gen-X or Millennials? Social media’s biggest addicts

Psychologists and charities are calling for more research into how social media addiction could be a..

Social media users urged to give up for a month

Getting young people to cut down on their social media use is as important as other health campaigns..

This city has a vision for mass transit that doesnt involve city buses

Enlarge / Marvin Tran, a student at the University of Texas, Arlington, takes a city-subsidized Via ..

Rocket Report: Exos flies, China sets launch record, new Falcon Heavy data

EnlargeRocket Lab/Aurich Lawson Welcome to Edition 1.15 of the Rocket Report! This week, we have new..

Scientists found brains internal clock that influences how we perceive time

Enlarge / Time passes faster or slower for a skier going up and down a steep mountain, depending on ..

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