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Postcard from Pyongyang: The airport now has Wi-Fi, sort of

North Korea is one of the least Wi-Fi-friendly countries in the world. Having a device that emits Wi..

Tech 2017: BBC News Online’s biggest technology stories

For many, 2017 will be defined by fake news and the fight-back against it. Others will point to th..

Rocket lights sky as it carries satellites from California

A reused SpaceX rocket carried 10 satellites into orbit from California on Friday, leaving behind a ..

Where did Mars’ water go? Maybe into the planet’s interior

EnlargeJon Wade and James Moore Part of our fascination with cold-and-dry Mars is its warm-and-wet p..

One more thing to ask Alexa: Where’s Santa on Christmas Eve?

Alexa, Amazon's voice-activated computer service, is enlisting in the military-run program that..

North Korea UN ambassador demands US prove ransomware claim

North Korea's envoy in charge of U.S. affairs at the United Nations demanded Washington provide..

The most popular stories of 2017

EnlargeAurich Lawson If you thought 2016 was crazy, then you may have been prepared for all that cam..

Reindeer hunted by wolverines get safety app

Reindeer, who fall prey to wolverines, wolves and lynx, are being fitted with sensors to protect the..

Can you do your Christmas shopping with Bitcoin?

Alexander J Martin, Technology Reporter Around this time last year, Bitcoin hit an all-time-high of ..

Science Says: Are poinsettias poisonous? Some holiday truths

Are poinsettias really poisonous? Are snowflakes really pure as the driven snow? Does feasting reall..

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Do we need a tech boom for the elderly?

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