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2017 Data: Pew Research Shows People Fear Robots Taking Jobs

VCG via Getty Images byNate Church28 Dec 20170 28 Dec, 201728 Dec, 2017 According to data gathere..

Apple’s response to battery controversy: have a new one for $29

Enlarge The past few weeks have been tumultuous for Apple ever since the company confirmed it slows ..

Russia loses £33m satellite over programming error

Russia lost a 2.6bn-rouble (£33m) weather satellite due to a programming error, the country's d..

The government wants to give you better mobile signal on trains

The government is promising to sort out mobile phone signal on trains across Britain that would let ..

San Diego State Profs: Farmers’ Markets Are ‘Insidious’ White Spaces that Oppress Minorities

byTom Ciccotta28 Dec 20170 28 Dec, 201728 Dec, 2017 Two professors from San Diego State University..

San Jose State Biology Professor: ‘Chromosomes Don’t Determine Sex’

Stefan Postles/Getty Images byTom Ciccotta28 Dec 20170 28 Dec, 201728 Dec, 2017 San Jose State Bi..

FCC tries to make Miami pirate radio station walk the plank

EnlargeGetty Images | Priscila Zambotto "Pirate radio" in 2017 takes many forms, but here's one..

Dealmaster: Get a pair of Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones for $200

Greetings, Arsians! Courtesy of our friends at TechBargains, the Dealmaster is checking in from his ..

Gigawatts of planned natural gas plants despite low electricity prices

Enlarge/ SMITH TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA – OCTOBER 25: A view from private farmland shows a natural gas..

Apple slashes iPhone battery replacement cost by $50 amid criticism

Apple is taking action after coming under scrutiny for slowing down older iPhones as their batteries..

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