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Why Trump should not ignore Xi’s power grab

Trump's press secretary, Sarah Sanders, told reporters on Monday that the decision is one "for ..

Analysts warn that show of power could be a sign of weakness

However, analysts warned that what initially seems like a demonstration of absolute power could actu..

Opinion: Why is the world silent about Xi Jinping’s power grab?

Firstly, most countries that deal with China will have assumed that Xi was here to stay anyway.They ..

Khaleda Zia, former Bangladesh PM, appeals 5 year corruption sentence

Former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison for her ap..

The trip mired in controversy, but ended with a hug

Arriving at an official reception in New Delhi Friday, Trudeau was at last met by his Indian counter..

Ivanka Trump, charmer-in-chief, in S Korea

Trump will attend the Closing Ceremony on Sunday night and will dine with South Korean President Moo..

Deputy Australian PM quits over sex scandal

Earlier in February, Joyce had admitted to the affair, confirming long-running rumors, but refused t..

Trudeau ‘snubbed’ by Indian government

Though the Canadian leader is more than halfway through a week-long trip, he has yet to meet with a ..

Third Olympic athlete falls drug test

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said Jeglic had accepted the anti-doping violation and the ..

Wealthy Japanese man wins custody of 13 surrogate children

Mitsutoki Shigeta, 28, made a headlines in 2014 for what became widely known as the "baby factory" c..

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