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PES 2019 – top of the league?

The evening Inbox is looking forward to tomorrows Spider-Man review, as another reader is optimistic about Destiny 2s Gambit mode.

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Slow reveal

I am so glad that GameCentral did not publish the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 review on the Friday, because like many the games flaws were not apparent to me until extended time with the game.

I have been playing Pro Evo since the PS1 days and it was only last year I moved over to FIFA after PES 2018 revealed itself to have terrible defensive artificial intelligence that to my knowledge was never resolved.

It seems that this years Glaring Flaw™ is the computers insistence on running to the byline, squaring the ball in for the striker to try and shoot first time.

It is absolutely mindboggling how this made it past playtesting before release.

For those who do not play football games it is similar to enemies shooting at the floor instead of you in a first person shooter, or enemies being able to see you behind cover in Metal Gear Solid, it is such a game-breaking flaw.

Worse still it seems numerous people are calling out Konami over various social media sources and the loyal fan base is being blanked in place of yet more marketing for their ultimate team clone, this leaves people like myself who play only Master League in quite a terrible situation, do we sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for an update?

The face of PES used to be Seabass one of the main developers? Where is this guy?

GC: We dont think hes really involved anymore. Hes usually down as senior director or some such, which makes it sound like he was barely involved.

Head start

I just wanted to reiterate the praise for PES 2019, both the game itself and the community that support it. The gameplay is as sublime as usual but with definite refinements, especially to the passing, it seems more considered, allowing for greater control in determining which team-mate you try and pick out and the weight of the pass. This gives you more styles to experiment with and any passing moves feel well earned rather than just an automated AI-assisted version of ping pong.

Then theres the amazing community option files on offer (for PlayStation 4 and PC at least). I received the game last Thursday and by that evening had already found an assortment of kits to upload. Its a good workaround to the licensing issues faced as it takes formal responsibility away from Konami as theyd argue theyre not in control of who uploads what.

The effort that people have gone to already to replicate their favourites is incredible. The attention to detail is staggering and in-game they look amazing, even on kits that have barely been released to buy in real life.

There are also sites that have tools for designing your own personalised kits. My youngest designed a kit using a photo of his face as the front of the shirt then used it on his All-Star team. I know the menus and the general presentation of PES looks pretty unspectacular compared to many games these days, but its really customisable and once on the pitch its simply brilliant.

I read this morning that boxed sales were down 42% on last year. Id wondered if releasing a month earlier than normal would give it a head-start on sales but sadly this doesnt look to be the case. This is a real shame as it is such a good game. Gameplay wise its a 10 for me – especially local multiplayer. I hope enough people get to experience it.

OK Corral

I can just imagine how upset Rockstar are at all the headlines this morning about Red Dead Redemption II. Ive read numerous time about how they bear a grudge so Im going to bet GameStop doesnt get any exclusives for their games anymore.

Im sure the game is fine actually but I can just imagine Rockstar getting over the top about how cinematic and atmospheric the game is and then not actually doing anything in the demo.

That doesnt mean Im not concerned about some elements of the game though, namely the combat. Its never been very good in any Rockstar game and I have trouble imagining that Rockstar has suddenly decided to make an effort with this it this time.

Its never bad enough to ruin anything but Id love it if Rockstar games played as good as they good. Instead of looking amazing and just playing OK.



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Real players

I havent bought a PES game since the days of the PlayStation 2, when I remember painstakingly trying to edit the team names, player names, and kits all by myself (Id been doing this since ISS 98 on the N64!). I probably shouldve spent that time actually playing the game, but it always felt more satisfying to have real players and teams.

Nowadays, as an earlier Inbox letter pointed out, there are people out there who are really good at the editing, and its all a simple download away… except on Xbox. Have Microsoft ever said why they dont allow this? Its probably a boring answer to do with security, but surely thats the players own decision and risk to take?
ttfp saylow (gamertag)
PS: I still havent decided on whether to get a new football game this year… I bought last years FIFA, but didnt really play it much (compared to my obsession with football games in past generations).
Now playing: Okami HD and Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

GC: We dont think theyve ever said, but PES is much less popular on Xbox. The PlayStation 4 version accounted for 79% of all sales last week.

Local talent

Ive actually been playing Dragon Quest XI since Saturday morning, and its everything Id hoped/knew it would be.

Good old turn-based action, absolutely beautiful graphics, amazing soundtrack, and a great corny yet funny script.

Ive read in a few other reviews where the reviewer isnt overly happy about the accents, yet Ive never been bothered and feel its all part of the experience.

Ive played several other Dragon Quest games in the past few years, but none have come as close as this to recreating the escapades of Dragon Quest VIII. My all-time favourite role-playing game.

If youre going to be getting this anytime soon you wont regret it.
RamboSi (PSN ID)

GC: We have to say were not fans of the British regional accents, mostly because they always seem such terrible actors. Although we admit it works better for Dragon Quest than Xenoblade Chronicles.

Seal the Breach

Just wanted to say thanks for your review of Into The Breach for Switch. I probably would have completely missed the game due to being on holiday recently without seeing your review, so thank you.

Wow, what a fantastic game, really easy to pick up but really deep and rewarding. Top class! I loved FTL on the iPad but this is even better! Keep up the great work, folks.
Country Mike
PS: Currently playing: Shenmue I & II (PS4), Into The Breach and Overcooked 2 (NS)

GC: We wish it hadnt come out right now, we lose so many hours a day to it…

Join the club

Just want to let everyone know that the Arcade Club in Bury is fantastic. £12 entrance fee and all games are free of charge once in.

Please go to the website and check it out I cant recommend this place enough. Hundreds of retro arcade game cabinets from 70s to early 2000.
Dan in Blackpool



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Veteran opinion

From being a Destiny 1 veteran and clocking over 1,000 hours from both Destiny 1 and 2 Im always looking forward to what they can bring next to the game.

Gambit is a game mode that no one saw coming, something that includes PvP and PvE elements and I think its something that Destiny has been needing for a while. You could be switching from killing Cabal, Fallen, or the Taken to invading the enemy portal and taking out the whole team.

I do think that its a game mode that has a lot of potential as the more maps it has, the more playable it will be. If the game mode only has a few maps then I think it will dwindle out the same way Crucible has been for the last few months.

With The Drifter being the Gambit vendor Im sure he will have bounties to hand out as well as loot that drops from every match, it will be nice to see what Bungie can do with it and whether or not it will be good as the hype its been getting.

I suppose well just have to wait and see until Tuesday 4th September when the Forsaken comes out.
Doctor-kook (gamertag)

Inbox also-rans

Really looking forward to your Spider-Man review. Im still on the fence so your opinion is what is going to sway me. He is my favourite superhero but his games have been very hit or miss. Id say its going to get a score of 6/7 out of 10. Hope Im wrong.

GC: As it happens were currently torn on the score, so this one will go down to the wire. The embargo lifts at 3pm tomorrow.

Why am I not surprised that GameStop employees are really lazy and fall asleep the second theyre given the chance?

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Agro, who asks what would be your dream comic book video game?

Spider-Man is out on PlayStation 4 this week but comic book tie-ins are surprisingly rare nowadays, despite their popularity at cinemas and their general suitability for games. So if budgets and licenses werent an issue what game would you make based on what hero and storyline?

It doesnt necessarily have to be superhero-related, as long as the property is primarily known as a comic book, but what sort of game do you imagine it would be and how would the gameplay work in terms of powers and abilities?

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