YouTube personality Casey Neistat has released a lengthy, raw and uncut interview with Logan Paul discussing his controversial video from the Japanese suicide forest.

The disgraced 23-year-old content creator, who faced worldwide scorn for filming a dead body and posting it on YouTube, told Casey that there was no thinking behind the video which led to the platform removing him from the Google preferred programme.

The 30-minute video, which did not shy away from including pauses caused by passing traffic and building alarms, sees Logan bare his heart and describe his thought process behind making the video and his current redemption journey – which supposedly includes his upcoming boxing match with fellow YouTuber KSI.

The occasional actor – who is nearing 18 million subscribers – explained that he was on autopilot, which he described as being extremely dangerous when youre broadcasting to an audience of five to seven million people every day.

Logan Paul admits 'there was no thinking' behind sickening dead body video
Logan explains why he posted the video (Picture: YouTube)

Speaking of his regrets he said: We got so caught up in creating. That we didnt stop to think about what were making and whether it was right.

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He added that he was disappointed in himself.

I forgot to be a human being in that situation and instead decided to be a content creator, Paul told Cassey.

Before the interview began Casey explained that his intentions of interviewing Logan were to see if Logans upcoming documentary was just a PR charade.

Cassey said: I was left with a lot of questions [after Logan apologized for the video earlier this year] about his intent and why he did what he did. He still has this enormous audience on Youtube. What are his plans moving forward?

During the interview, Logan refers to himself as the most hated man in the world and said that his upcoming boxing match with KSI is a part of his redemption story.

Logan is set to face fellow YouTuber in an amateur boxing match on 25 August in Manchester and revealed that its not only about a fight.

He said: Its not about a fight, its not about the boxing match itself. Like I said, its about being able to get hit in the face, whether its the result of your own actions or not. In my case they are – Im the one who fucked up.

But Im willing to say ok, this is the mistake I made, Im going to keep my chin up.

Logan Paul admits 'there was no thinking' behind sickening dead body video
Logan Paul is set to face KSI in the ring in August (Picture: Getty/Rex)

Despite having this interview shared on the internet, Logan had his last scheduled interview cancelled.

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The American figure popped into the Beeb on 18 July to record his interview with Charlie which was set to air after 9pm on Thursday night.

However, Radio One presenter Charlie announced live on air last night that he has backtracked on the plan to play a pre-recorded chat with the disgraced YouTuber following the outcry from disappointed fans.

As the interview was supposed to be aired, the station tweeted out a statement on Twitter explaining their decision.

We were going to hear from Logan Paul & KSI on their boxing match tonight. After listening back to the interview we dont feel its right, the post began.

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We understand some of your strong views on Logan – but ultimately if we dont think the interview is good enough – we dont air it.

In a statement to, BBC said: We listened to the full interview and we didnt think it met the standards our audience would expect, so we didnt use it.

Reps for KSI also confirmed to that KSI had not recorded his interview yet despite BBC naming him in their tweet.

Liam Chivers, Director of OP Talent – who look after KSI – said: To confirm, despite the Radio 1 tweet naming KSI in the interview due out, he hadnt been interviewed at that point and the cancelled Logan interview did not include any time with KSI.

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