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Monster Hunter World: How to use the charge blade effectively in combat
It’s time to master the Charge Blade! (Picture: Capcom)

It’s one of the most technically complex weapons in Monster Hunter World, but the payoff is well worth mastering it.

If you like the versatility and defence capabilities that come with having a sword and shield, but wish you could have devastating famage of something like a Great Sword, then the Charge Blade is the weapon you need to master.

Because nothing in life is ever that simple, especially when it comes to gaming, we’ve compiled a basic tutorial for mastering the weapon right here.

Don’t worry, you’ll be carving up Anjanath and Diablos with your Charge Blade in no time!

The following tutorial uses controls for the PS4 version of the game.

So here are the Basics… You know, like how to use it.

Just like with the Swtich Axe (which is very similar to the Hunter Axe in Bloodborne), the Charge Blade has two modes/states that it can switch behind.

In this case, it’s two states being a sword and shield and a great axe. What you will notice instantly about this weapon is that in the top left corner an icon of a sword shield and five vials appears.

And before you ask what that’s for, well the clue is in the weapon’s name – charging.

The goal of the Charge Blade is to store up energy used from attacking monsters in one state til the vials are full, and then unleashing this energy in the great axe form for additional damage.

A monster hit
The weapon is one of the games more technically complex to use (Picture: Sony/Capcom)

OK. What do I have to do to charge it then?

Like we said, you start off by using the sword and shield.

Go to town on the beast you’re facing with these and at some point you’ll notice the vials will begin to glow yellow.

This is when you’re ready to start converting that energy to charge. Yellow means you can charge three of your vials up or keep on swinging for a bigger pay off. To store the energy press R2 followed by circle.

If you chose not to charge, you continue swinging until the vials glow red. Once in this state, all five vials will be charged when the energy is stored.

However, be warned about pushing on too far, though. A few swings past red and those vials will fill red, indicating overcharge. At this point your weapon will bounce off anything it hits until you store that energy – timing your storage of energy is key.

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I’m charged up, baby. What do I do with this big old axe?

Congratulations, you’re about ready to unleash some serious power.

Switch from your current weapon state to the axe by pressing R2 and then triangle simultaneously. In this state any attacks using circle will deal additional damage, though this comes at the price of one vial per attack.

You can also use a combination of triangle and circle that will deal massive damage – we’re talking big – in an animation cut scene that will have you ending back in Sword and Shield form.

Needless to say once all your phials are out it’s time to get back to work charging.

That’s right, repeat and conquer.

Monster Hunter World is out now on PS4, Xbox, and PC.

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